Top 5 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android Mobiles/Tablets


Android market offers great opportunities in all type of your requirements. Today we will list few top best voice changer app for android mobiles and tablets. Android users are enjoying thousands of free apps from playstore. Since there are many apps for your requirements, you might be falling in trouble to use which is best and which is not.. so I am here to filter the most downloaded voice changer apps for android mobile phones as well as tablets. The below listed are some funny android apps which will change your voice into different voices like voice of machines, robots, animals etc..,


top 5 best voice changer android apps for mobile tablet

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android:

1. Scary Voice Changer App

This app allows to recorder your own voice and change it horror voice like ghosts sounds. It can convert your voice into ghosts voice, like mummy devil voice and also chainsaw. What type of voice converter this app has, mummy, ghosts, fox, crazy, wolf, spark and few more included. This is the perfect app to change voice and scary your friends for prank. So you can download this app using the below link.


Download Scary Voice Changer App

2. RoboVox Voice changing app

This app also allow you to change your voice with 32 different voice effects which included Pitch Shitf, Robot, Mummy, Evil and few other with 32 different types. So you easily make fun by changing your voice using this app and make your friends scary. You can easily modify your recorded audio by just shifting your finger on panel bar.

Download RoboVox App

3.  Ultra Voice Changer App

This app has over 30+ free effects and the rest are paid. This app has different type of voices like Robot with cylon and other scifi robot effects, Alien effects, Backwards, Bee insect effect, Chipmunk, Cyborg, Echo, Fast Backwards option, Fast Normal, Freaky effect, Hyper, Metallic, Slow voice effect and many other. The other great feature of this app is, you can use this app to create your own custom ringtones by recording your voice and using these effects. You can create wicked telephone greatting for your family members or friends.

Download Ultra Voice Changer App

4. Change My Voice App

Change My Voice App is easy user interferance app with gives great user experience. Though it was simple it has highly powerful voice changer features. You can instantly listen back to the modified audio without any waiting process.  Voice changing during phone calls is not yet supported in this app.

Download Change My Voice App

5.  Best Voice Changer App

Unlike other voice changing apps, this app does add background music depending on user requirements. For example you can record your voice and add a background noise of plane, or battle field as if you are in same location. That’s cool right… You can also customize audio speed. This app uses .WAV format for your voice audio files. No need to wait for processing, instantly listen to the modified voice. Note that, this app don’t change your voice during phone calls.

Download Best Voice Changer App

So it up to you now..which of these apps your found the best app for changing your voice.

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