Apple iPhones to offer Uniform Pricing for Both Online and Offline: iPhone Shipments to Fall in 2016!


Everyone will have a dream of to purchasing an iPhone but it is pretty arduous for the common people as they couldn’t afford such an expensive handset. For people living in India, iPhone seems to the most valuable device with mostly suitable for luxurious folks. Apple, the giant software giant has now come up with a new offer bringing uniform pricing for the iPhones both for online and offline stores. In the background of an intended launch of Apple’s stores in India and availing massive discounts, iPhones may range the same in online and offline stores in the country. Usually, there will be a slight variation in the price of Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple watch, MAC books on Online and Offline stores.


Now, it has changed that and introduced uniform pricing for both the retail stores. Apple is not the first firm to do so as there is another smartphone firm, Samsung Electronics which has already paved the way for offering its devices for a uniform pricing.

Apple to offer uniform pricing for iPhones - Both Offline and Online stores

Apart from this, there have been ample rumours for the upcoming iPhone 7, which is possible to launch later this year. Despite these rumours make the flagship model sound more and more exciting, some of the analysts from KGI Securities hold a contrary viewpoint. According to their perspective, the Cupertino-based tech firm might behold a slump in growth in 2016, even in its best-case scenario, asserting the smartphone will not be adequately enticing to users.


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One of the analyst from KGI Securities named Ming-Chi Kuo published a research note envisioning a fall in the company’s growth in the year 2016. As per his research note, in the “worst case scenario” Apple could notice a sliding progression in iPhone shipment numbers in 2016 (190 million units), lesser than what it saw in its past two years 2014 (193 million units), and a drop of 18.1 percent year-on-year.

iPhone to Soon Hit Online & Offline Stores With Same Cost

One of the main reasons for this new move is the unexpected sales performance of the recently launched iPhone SE (Special Edition). Not only the online sales, even the offline sales of iPhones had taken a huge dig due to the massive online discounting. Apple has taken discern of the same so it plans to drive for uniform pricing in a target to keep everyone glad and delightful (including itself). According to the reports, after heading towards uniform pricing, Samsung has gained pretty much overall share in the Indian smartphone market. This unexpected move indicates that Apple aims to introduce uniform pricing in a tender to bring up dropping sales and the certainty that Apple Stores will soon be launching all over India.

Another reason to bring the price parity is under the burden to reach the targets, Apple distributors were lessening prices towards the end of a quarter. Usually, the appealing online discounts come from resellers who purchase iPhones in volume from states will lower taxes and eventually place them up exhibiting discounted prices. Obviously, the consumers get tempted and enticed to those prices and easily overlook offline ducts that are still jammed with the original price tag which is actually intended for that state.

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iPhone Shipments to Decline in 2016

In addition to that, Apple Stores which are popping up in the country is going to sum to the muddle as well. With Apple Stores selling iPhones and other iDevices at market prices, it makes slight understanding for them to be apart from a brand perspective. If the trend endures, the tech giant could be viewing at a sales chart that plunges even further with little earnings from its glass stores. In fact, uniform pricing will be the retort to Apple’s issues, but diminishing the price of the iPhone SE may be a better drive.

In order to allure customers, the iPhone needs a visual redesign along with new commercial features. The iPhone 8 is expected to promote Apple’s shipments by 10.3 percent. Apple sees India has a bright speck and is placing great jackpot in the country.

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