Top 7 Best Android Launchers Customize your SmartPhone


Using android launchers adds more beauty to android and the power of customizing the appearance, layouts and other visual aspects of the phone. Due to these customizable launchers and its user interface, no doubt it is the most used and lovable operating system. When it comes to applications that could customize the user inter face, there are oodles of them on Google Play Store. But among them, only some stand out apart and give pure android experience. Let’s talk about & best android launchers currently on the PlayStore.


 best top android launchers

 1.Google now launcher

Once again, Google successfully showed that he’s the daddy. Yes! We’re talking about Google now launcher. This launcher is standard version of android, giving you nothing but the stock android experience. Many of android users want to run latest android on their phones, but due to updates issue they couldn’t, to them this launcher is the ultimate answer. You can fully customize your phone to latest android, though the version remains same, but the appearance changes.

The launcher is compatible with most of the devices, in fact any device that runs on the android version 4.X or more. So if you want to make your phone look latest and trendy at the same time, go for this launcher.

2. Nova launcher

The launcher is quite popular among the users and offers customization without any advanced options. The user interface of settings of the launcher is quite simple and understandable. You could easily match up with the launcher and change the grid style.

Nova is available in two versions, free and prime. The free version still has lots of features than any other launcher. If you’re looking for a launcher that is simple, yet have advanced features, then go for Nova.


3. Apex Launcher

The launcher is perfect mixture of performance and appearance. It helps you to customize in a better way, without making the phone lag. The launcher is better than most of the launchers, due to its good user interface. It allows you to rotate the home screen, popularly known as Tablet mode. Like nova, it also has two versions, free and pro, both don’t cost you money, but it is better to use the free version first in order to get the proper insight of the launcher. Once you know how everything is, you could shift to pro version, with more advanced features and performance.

4. Launcher Pro

In the race of launchers, some forget the revolutionary version of android, Gingerbread. This launcher is for those, who haven’t yet upgraded to further versions of android except gingerbread. This launcher makes the user interface look like 4.X versions and is pretty decent. We all know that gingerbread smartphones were low on processing speed, but this launcher fairly handles it and doesn’t lag.

It is for the lower version of android, so lags advanced features due to obvious reasons. In paid version, you can have features like unlimited widget resizing. Overall, the launcher is solid and allows pretty good customization without any lag.

5. Buzz launcher

If you had it enough with limited number of themes, this is for you. This launcher allows you to browse through the library of thousands of user-created themes and widgets you can apply and use. The launcher is strictly for those people who like to change their theme every day. Unlike other launchers, where they offer you simplicity and hustle free usage, the buzz requires ample amount of time to find you the right theme, customization options and other visual delights. This launcher is for a Japanese teen girl, I hope you get the answer.

6. Action Launcher Pro

The launcher is popular for having special gestures you can assign for apps. You can add shortcuts and other customizable buttons in order to make everything handy. The launcher is all about making things simple for you. it adds extra cool factor to how you do things on your home screen, with lots of shortcuts, gestures and one click buttons. But the service is not free of cost; you have to pay money for making things that simple.

7. ADW launcher

This launcher is for the one who likes perfection and are professional. The launcher gives you an ability to change anything in any way, let it be the color of Gmail icon, you don’t like it, make it some less red, or more, in simple words, everything is tweakable.

The launcher is not free and requires certain knowledge of android platform, as I said it before, it is for the professionals. Also, the development has seized after android version 4.1. So you can use it, if you’re obsessed with your home screen to look perfect and customizable beyond any limit.

NOTE: After a little research we have listed best android launchers for Moto,Samsung,Mi,HTC,Sony and few other brands. If you think few have not mentioned few other best launchers for android mobiles, you can mention them in comments and let us list them here. These are some launchers we have handpicked from the big bucket, I hope you will install them in order to see how they work and look.

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