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Today we have brought sometime more exiting, fun, adventure and awesome apps for your google cardboard. Filtering the best vr google cardboard games for you along with few apps you can use to enjoy 3d playing and  3d watching videos on your cardboard. The below list of 11 apps/games helps to enjoy 3d experience.


Google Cardboard:  It actually means – “Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and experience way”.

Long ago the people dream about Virtual Reality. And if anyone think about virtual reality they assume that it would be really high-tech and far expensive. Now these guys at Google made it happened.

best google cardboard vr games apps download online

What is a Google cardboard?

Google Cardboard was a project, a company policy that allows employees to work on side projects in addition to their everyday duties. This was a great success that tons of companies are copying the design and creating these super cheap and simple VR headsets for compatibility with other smartphones.

How it Works

It is a VR experience starting with a simple viewer anyone can build or buy. It is less expensive and once you have it, you can explore a variety of apps that unfold all around you.

Downloading the Google cardboard app is the best way to enjoy the virtual reality ride.

11 BEST Google Cardboard VR games / apps 2016

 1. Crazy Swing VR

It is a crazy game developed by FIBRUM, an Russian company where making of VR headsets and making Apps for ios and Android to promote their devices.

This game find oneself stayed in the centre of a night city! Get on this crazy ride to feel your stomach as you turn around on a chair above a modern city.


2. VR Jump and Run

Experiences a virtual reality jump and run game that requires no gamepad, magnet or touch controls. You can control your movement speed, turn and jump with just your head. The game ends with an optical illusion in the vortex tunnel. This game is compatible with VR headsets of Google Cardboard and also such as DODO case and Durovis Dive.


3. The Height

The Height by ‘Stefan Welker’. An exploration game to be played using Google Cardboard. Move around and climb the futuristic scaffolding and collect as many items as possible. Immersive 3D virtual reality game, one of the first game to use with the Durovis Dive or Open Dive.


4. Shadowgun VR

This app is for phones using Opendive VR Googles and it needs a gyroscope and Bluetooth controller. This game shows the sample level from a “shadowgun” game to showcase VR capabilities on the “unity” engine using Opendive.



5. Cmoar Roller Coaster VR (Demo)

This app is a Demo version. Experience the longest-lasting adventure, in an almost 4-minutes dangerous roller coaster vr journey. It will take to a tour of an incredible place.

Demo version has limited ride that is 1 minute, so if you wish to explore the rest of the adventure, they encourage you to purchase the full version of game.

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6. Cardboard

Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboard app helps you launch favourite VR experiences, discover new apps, and set up a viewer.

And they will give some demo features, based on those features we can access the game.


7. Tuscany Dive

This app is a Head Tracking Virtual reality Demo from Oculus Rift SDK for Android. Tuscany is a region in central Italy, here in this game we can explore the beautiful Tuscany using the OpenDIve / Dive glasses. In this demo, you can move with a controller. Alternatively, you can look on the ground to activate or deactivate the auto walk. With a touch on the screen you can turn on more graphic effects. But therefore a powerful smartphone is required.


8. Cartoon Village VR

This game brings you to the streets of colourful cartoon village! This app depicts fully 3D scene of small cartoon village with peaceful workers and farmers. Application requires gyroscope and is designed to work with virtual reality kits like Google Cardboard.


9 . Roller Coaster VR

Ride a deserted roller-coaster amdist a tropical island. We can see the fabulous dream of Virtual World in this game. This would be the way people will be experiencing thrill rides forever.


10. VR Cinema (free version)

The main aim of this app was to share the Virtual Cinema and its all accompanying properties with you completely for free. We recognise that there are both free and paid apps are there, in free app side by side view is limited to 2 min.


11. YouTube VR

VR YouTube 3D allows for the viewing of You Tube videos with acompatible viewer. Voice control is activated with the magnet when viewing 2D videos from YouTube.

To search any video, simply pull the magnet and a mic will appear. Say the name of the video and the best result will be played automatically. It can also open external YouTube links from a browser.


Conclusion: These are the list of best Google cardboard VR games or app in 2015.  If you are using other VR games or app in your device and feel those should be included here in list. I welcome you to drop a comment below about your list of vr 3d apps you love.

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  1. Madroane Denis Apr 20, 2016 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Great list of Android mobile games ! I feel that Apple still has a lot to catch up to when it comes to mobile VR dev. Insidious or InMind are my favorite Google Cardboard titles so far.

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