Common Bluestacks Graphics Driver Problem


Bluestacks Graphics Driver Problem

For those who still can not run BlueStacks Android emulator on Windows, Linux or Mac, learn how to solve certain problems that you can run your favorite app from Google Play.


Bluestacks is a program that emulates the Android system so you can use the apps and games from Google Play and even installing other APK files using your own Windows, Linux or Mac operating system. Ie it is possible to install and run and Bluestacks Use the Google Apps Play without Android .

The problem is that the Bluestacks is an application still in the testing phase being gradually improved and it can introduce bugs, errors and problems when trying to install it or use it. But for most cases there is a solution and you can run this great and useful program for your operating system without needing to make use of Android apps available for the platform.

What are the requirements of BlueStacks to run it?
As this is an Android emulator that runs on top of your operating system, you must have good hardware and system. Ente they recommend:

RAM to at least 3GB or 4GB;
2.4 GHz processor;
Windows 7 or 8;
I did the tests on Linux or Mac, so I can not tell you the recommended requirements and versions in the Bluestacks runs these systems.


Most common errors Bluestacks:-

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Runtime Error Downloading Data

If you see an error called Downloading Data Runtime Error when trying to install the Bluestacks on your computer, this is a mistake of transferring data at runtime.

The reason for this error is in the server program and the solution is to stop running the application, download the program Revo Uninstaller and uninstall Bluestacks. You’re probably using an old version, so please visit and download / install the most current version.

Error in graphics card (Graphic Card Error)

Probably the Bluestacks is not recognizing your graphics card. Try updating the drivers for the same by accessing the website of the manufacturer of your computer and checking if there is any drive latest video.

The Bluestacks, especially the latest versions consume good amount of RAM resources and processing the graphics card.


There are two types of graphics driver and SDK:

Direct3D: Where is proprietary to Microsoft and is used to run Windows and most of their games;
OpenGL: Used in other systems not to depend on Microsoft and used by Android;
It is recommended that you update your DirectX and OpenGL .

 “Error 25000. Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try install again.

Other solutions
BlueStacks uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and try to install the latest version of the program;
Keep the battery options and the video card in the driver maximum performance settings. This can be done from the control panel by going to: Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Power Options and choosing the High Performance ;
Upgrade the video card on Windows looking for Device Manager . In “Display Adapters”, double-click the name of the video driver you are using, click the “Driver” tab and then the button “Update Driver.”
Error 25000 (BlueStacks error 25000)
The latest version of BlueStacks requires a good video card and you have between 256MB and 512MB.

You can try to solve this problem of error 25000 Bluestacks Graphics Driver Problem:

Trying to update the drivers for your video card (as mentioned in the thread above this article);
Improve your video card, placing a higher capacity;
The Bluestacks is failing to recognize your graphics card showing the error message “Your graphics seem to be out-of-date drivers. Bluestacks requires updated drivers to run. Update now “. Update the video driver as his model the links below and then reinstall BlueStacks:
Update the driver from Intel ;
Update the driver from AMD ;
Update the driver from nVIDIA ;
Or use the older version of BlueStacks. Uninstall that is currently using and install the version of BlueStacks without the video card .
If errors still persist, wait for a new program update is released so that they can solve these specific problems.

Can not access the hard drive of BlueStacks

This problem can arise in the most current version of the program and you can not access the files on Windows by BlueStacks to put a profile picture on Whatsapp or attachments, for example.

To solve this:

Install a file manager in BlueStacks, like ASTRO , for example, using Google Play of BlueStacks.
In Windows, open Explorer and go to: C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ SharedFolder
Place the file you want it to be accessible in this directory BlueStacks SharedFolder .
In BlueStacks, open the file manager app (ASTRO) and proceed to: mnt / sdcard / bstfolder / BstSharedFolder
You should find the file in this directory to use it on your BlueStacks.
Failed to connect to server (Failed to Connect to Server)
If you try to install any app by BlueStacks you receive the message “No app found Please check your internet connection and try again” (The app was not found, please check your internet connection and try again).

This error is temporary and is related to problems connecting to the internet itself. Then check if your internet connection is working first. If so, the problem is in the BlueStacks servers and the solution is to wait until they return to restore the system, which should not take long.

Error little RAM (At Least 2GB of the physical memory)

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, BlueStacks need a computer with at least 2GB of RAM.

If you are seeing this error when trying to open the program to the solution is:

Update the hardware of your computer by putting more RAM;

If you can not or do not want to increase the amount of memory, you can try to uninstall the current version requires at least 2GB of RAM and use the old version of BlueStacks that requires less RAM (1GB) memory.