How to Control PC Via Android Smartphone


We all love to remotely change things without doing much. Getting everything done just by couple of clicks is what everyone wants now a days. Some people can call it laziness, but we all know it is just we have an obsession with easiness. While watching movie or playing music or anything, we sometimes hate to walk to our PC and do the change, so why not consider using a remote to your PC, as almost all other electronics devices are now operated by a remote control.


You could simply turn your android phone to a remote control for PC by following these simple steps. I will try hard to keep them simple and understandable. So take a deep look and follow.

Control pc via android smartphone

Step 1

To get started, you need an app which helps you to create remote server which would help in controlling the device. On google play, you would find many apps on remote control, I am listing some which are good and working.

1) LogMeIn Ignition (Download here : )

2) VNC (Download Here: )

3) Wake-on-LAN (Download here: )

4) Unified Remote (Download here: )

After installing one of these apps, you can easily control your PC, start and stop torrentz, and do plenty of things. You can choose the app according to your needs as to what you’re gonna do to your PC via phone.

Step 2


The main part of the procedure is to establish a connection between your PC and your android phone, which is different for all the apps, so let’s have a look on them one by one.

1. LogMein Ignition8

The app is basic and easy to operate. It will allow you to move cursor, play and pause music, typing, and other handy things. But you need to look constantly to the PC screen in order to see what’s happening. The installation is easy, first you have to create a logmein ID, you van simply do that by going to there website:

After creating the ID, you can either download the software on PC, or add computer right on the website. After some onscreen instructions you’re ready to go, install the logmein app from google playstore and do the right thing.

2. VNC

Setting up VNC require a little bit more efforts, but I am telling you, it is going to be worth it, because the app is the best available out there, with plenty of advanced features. You need to connect to ports in order to access the computer remotely, you can easily find the guide on the website :

Here are some steps that would help you, if you find any difficulty, you can always consult the full guide on the website.

First of all, you have to obtain or enable VNC-compatible Server technology for your computer.

Then Install and start VNC Server.

Try to Identify VNC Server.

And If necessary, configure VNC Server.

If you’re connecting over the Internet (for example, via 3G), you need to set up the network and establish a connection.

Go for trouble shoot problems if anything goes wrong.

3. Wake-on-LAN

It is not an app, but basically a method to wake up your computer and by a client, doing all the necessary things. You have to first enable wake up on LAN option in the boot manager of your PC. Almost every PC has this feature which is manufactured in the past decade. After enabling it, you need to see whether the windows is configured, for that, go to your pan drivers in device manager and in properties, under the advanced section, check whether it has wake up on LAN facility or not. This method is quite complex and you need to enter your computer’s MAC address in any wake up on LAN client app easily available on Google playstore.

4. Unified Remote Control

Unified remote control app and software is one of the most used remote control software application. This app performs better just by connecting to your PC without internet connection. The app is simple and easy to understand. Download the app on your PC as well as mobile phone. After that, set up the firewall settings and allow the software on your PC to access network. After that run the server, and open the app. Your connection will automatically be made, if not, you need to manually enter the IP address, which in case, is no big deal. After that you can enjoy remote mouse and media buttons. It offer all kind of controlling on your PC. So if you are looking easy and fast pc control from smartphone then I do recommend this for sure.

I hope this helped you a lot if you want to access your computer remotely with your android device. If you have any doubt in any form, Please leave a comment and we will try to solve it. You can try other apps, and follow their instructions, but I already told you the working ones.

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