Download Gapps 6.0 for Android 6.0 Marshmallow [Google apps]


Google, the software giant, has released the next version of Android OS called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Most of the developers have been working on Android Marshmallow ROMS along with some of the Android 6.0 custom ROMS, which is available on the internet. If you are an Android user running on Android Marshmallow 6.0 version and looking for any custom ROM for your Android device, then in such a situation, Gapps will come into play. With Gapps, one can use their handset as an official daily driver.


download gapps marshmallow

What is Gapps? Gapps is abbreviated as Google Apps, which is a web-based solution and collaborative Software as a Service (SAAS) that customizes and facilitates the provisioning of Google applications alongside some user essential management tools that include Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Videos and Google Cloud Connect.

If you wish to flash Android custom ROM on your device, you need to have Gapps installed on your phone that enables you to use all the Google apps on your Custom ROM. So, you need to install Gapps on your Android smartphone for enabling all Google services. Check out this tutorial that guides you on how to download and install Gapps (Google Apps) on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device.

Download Gapps (Google Apps) for Android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROMs

In this tutorial, I will be explaining you the detailed procedure on how to install Gapps (Google apps) on Android Marshmallow 6.0. These Google apps package is compatible with all the custom ROMs for Android. These Gapps are compressed in a zip file which you’ve to download them on your Android-based smartphone. Here is the list of Gapps packages for Android marshmallow 6.0 ROMs:

1. Stock Marshmallow Gapps (490 MB)
Stock Marshmallow Gapps is the recommended package for modern Android devices. This package includes all Google Apps that come standard with the latest Nexus device.

Download Stock Marshmallow Gapps

2. Full Marshmallow Gapps (441 MB)
This is almost analogous to stock Marshmallow Gapps package but does not substitute the AOSP apps for Browser, Camera, Email, Gallery, Launcher, Keyboard, SMS app, Pico TTS and WebView.

Download Full Marshmallow Gapps

3. Mini Marshmallow Gapps (228 MB)
Mini Marshmallow Gapps pack is the smaller set of Google apps which includes the most popular apps along with some additional functionality which is not available from the Google Play Store.
It also includes the following:

  • Google+
  • Google Text-to-Speech
  • Gmail
  • Google Exchange Services
  • Face Detection for Media
  • Face Unlock

Download Mini Marshmallow Gapps

4. Micro Marshmallow Gapps (142 MB)
Micro Marshmallow Gapps is a limited set of Google apps that includes Gmail, Calendar, and Google now, along with some additional functionality which is not available from the Google Play Store.

Download Micro Marshmallow Gapps


5. Nano Marshmallow Gapps (91 MB)
Nano Marshmallow Gapps is another minimal installation that includes the additional functionality which is not available from the Play Store.

Download Nano Marshmallow Gapps

6. Pico Marshmallow Gapps (49 MB)
This is as minimal as it can have to get the Google Play functionality. It is fully packed with Google system base which also includes Google Play Store and Google Calendar Sync.

Download Pico Marshmallow Gapps

7. BokROM Marshmallow Gapps (377.7 MB)
It is packed with almost all the apps that are in Full Gapps. Some of the apps which are not available in this package are Google Camera, Google Keyboard, Sheets, and Slides.

Download BokROM Marshmallow Gapps

8. Zero Marshmallow Gapps (93.4 MB)
In this package, you can find the core Google system base, off-line speech files, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync, Google Play services and Google Search.

Download Zero Marshmallow Gapps

Other Gapps for Android Marshmallow

Here is a list of Marshmallow Gapps packages which are prepared and confirmed to be working on several devices by XDA members and other Android communities.

1. Download Gapps 6.0 Mini for Android Marshmallow 6.0 (55.5 MB)

The Pico version of PA Gapps for Android M 6.0 Marshmallow comes with minimum Google applications. These include Google system base, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync only, Google Play Services. This version of Gapps is envisioned for the users who don’t wish to have all other Google applications and need only the basic ones.


2. Download Gapps 6.0 Mini Benzo Marshmallow Gapps (107MB)

This version of Google Gapps package is meant for the users who are looking to use the minimum possible Google Gapps having the “Okay Google” and “Google Search” features. Other Gapps include Google system base, off-line speech files, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync and Google Play Services.


3. Download Super Mini Marshmallow Gapps (55 MB)

It is packed with all the Google apps which are provided by XDA developers.


How to Install Gapps for Android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROMs

Installation of Gapps package is quite straightforward. But, before heading to the installations process, all you need to do is download the required Gapps from the above mentioned links and flash it on your device using any custom recovery like CWM or TWRP. It is almost similar to flashing a custom ROM on your phone.

Note: All these packages are the initial builds which may be unstable on your device. Make sure that you’ve done the complete backup of your current ROM in your recovery ahead of flashing.

Step 1: Once you download the appropriate Gapps package and download the Zip file on your device.
Step 2: Connect your device to the PC and move the downloaded Gapps zip file on your device.
Step 3: Turn OFF your Android device and boot the phone into recovery mode.
Step 4: A custom recovery main menu pop-up appears on the screen. Here, you just tap on the “Install Zip from SD card” option.
Step 5: Just navigate and select the Gapps zip file which you’ve saved it earlier on your device.
Step 6: Install or flash the file on your Android device. The installation process takes pretty much time.
Step 7: Once the installation process is completed, restart your device.
Step 8: Now, you have successfully installed all the Gapps (Google Apps) on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device.

That’s it, now the Google apps are installed on your Android Marshmallow Custom ROM. You can now use all the Google applications on your Android based device. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way to download and install Gapps on your Android Marshmallow.

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