{Download} moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1)


Download moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1) another way to use the most popular manga application of time through your computer. Every day there is something new in social networks and applications for Android. A few weeks ago, much has been said about Lulu. The application allows to assess men and women caused much controversy. Then it was the turn of men respond to the Gentlemen’s Club. In it are to be evaluated.


Download moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1) With BlueStacks

However, the new internet fever is much more simple, innocent and fun: the MomentCam . With it, you can make caricatures from your Android . Then just share the image on the major social networks and websites.

Download moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1)

Download moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1)

It’s no secret that include the application on your Android. Press the download button is included on this page and will present options to download the application via QR code and Google Play. In both cases, you need to provide access permissions to complete the installation.

{Download} moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1)

1. First and foremost thing is to download Blue stacks emulator on your windows operating system. You can download Blue stacks here.
2. Complete all the required updation on bluestacks application and use search tool to find moment cam application.
3. Download app and install it.

Sleeve Style on moment cam for pc (windows xp/7/8/8.1)

The tool aims to replace the filters (and somewhat broken) Instagram. With a fun interface and easy loading system, the application is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Journal software offers ten styles of caricature and a smiley, which can be applied to the photo with just a few taps. You do not have to understand something of drawing or painting to create beautiful frames.


The first step in using the software is taking a photo. Just turn the application to automatically connect the camera to your Android device. In the screenshot, the option to choose an image and saved in Gallery, on an online service appears.

Importantly, the photo should be in the style selfie (portrait), this because your face will only recognizable caricature. After capture, the software prompts you to indicate that the regions of the eyes and mouth.

Once done, please state if you are a boy or a girl – influence along the lines of cartoons presented. On the next screen, you can now watch a cartoon at random and contour your face. Drag the hair and face shape to mount the cartoon. It is important to set the right image to the impression that the design was done by hand.

Features Moment Cam for PC and windows xp/7/8/8.1

How to customize your image MomentCam PC
Note that at the bottom of the tool face buttons edit, create and my designs. In the first, you can adjust the properties of the face, hair style, glasses, eyebrows and beard. Try each of the models to see which best suits your image.

In “Designs” you can change the cartoon used in the model. There are several funny scenes, and face Developer serves as a template for all of them. Every time you change my caricature, his face is automatically adjusted to the model.

The images are divided into different categories such as sports, famous paintings, art, entertainment scenes etc. ..

Among the funniest images are portrayed in the movie “men in black MIB”, pose with Michael Jackson, pterodactyl flight pose of Napoleon, drawing the Vitruvian Man, surreal painting etc. .. By default, all images are drawn in manga style with fine lines, pastel and pencil-like texture.

Customizing the template
You did not like the image and style? Click “Create” to set a custom mold. Besides the classic, the tool also features black and white patterns, pen, blackboard sticker, old painting and ink. In “brush” you can change the brush size and fill.

Note that there is in the right corner of the screen a row of shortcuts to social networking. Click on one of them to share content created through Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, TencentWeibo, QQ etc. .. That way, you can publish the service and have fun with friends and can dispute who takes his funniest picture. If you want to save the image to the device, simply press the button on diskette.

Share photos on social networks, more emoticons are released for free. This encourages people to use the software and contribute to the disclosure of the application more and more.

Tap “My” shows all designs saved in the application. According to the developers, the program adds 10 models daily cartoon every day.

Emoticons for MomentCam
In addition to still images, the application also works with animated GIFs. Therefore, it is possible to create small animations with images that move and make your posts more interesting.

The process to create an emoticon application is similar to that of a caricature, with the difference that indicate the movement of your image. Then simply share the article via Facebook, Twitter or WeChat.

Download to PC MomentCam