Facebook Brings New Hindi Transliteration Feature for Android Users – Here’s How to Auto-type in Hindi


Converging on the developing markets, Facebook has come up with a groovy new feature in its Android app, especially for Indian users. The social networking giant has introduced a new Hindi transliteration feature for the Android users which allows users type in English that would automatically convert the text into Devanagari language ahead of posting. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Facebook is a haven where you can post anything in any of your desired languages. But, there is no auto-translation feature on Facebook that automatically converts into your desired language. Now, Facebook has introduced an awesome feature that automatically translates Hindi words typed in English to Devanagari Hindi.


We usually see some of the posts and comments on the Facebook timeline in Hindi and some other languages. Do you wish to do the same on your timeline too? Now, you need not have to worry about that as your wish could be fulfilled with the new Hindi Transliteration feature on your Android device. The new feature brings a slew of benefits and here in this article, you can check out how to auto-type and post Hindi messages by typing in English. Take a look!

Facebook Now Allows Auto-Type Hindi

Most of the users in India would have favored writing in Hindi (Devanagari script), but there is no simple way to do that, so users simply type the Hindi language in English. However, it is pretty much difficult to understand what has been written. In order to ease its users, Facebook has silently introduced a native Hindi editor or translator for its Android app letting its users translate Hindi words typed in English to Devanagari Hindi automatically. With this new feature, the Facebook users need not look out for other Hindi keyboard apps available on the web.

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How to Use Hindi Transliteration Feature on Android?

Facebook has now made every Indian user look out at its popular app by rolling out a new Hindi transliteration keyboard, that makes typing in Hindi a breeze. Currently, the feature is only available inside the Facebook app for the user having Android devices. Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to use this new Hindi transliteration feature on your Android device:

  • Initially, the Facebook app users of Android need to go to App Settings under the Help & Settings section. Just tap the icon on the right-hand side of notification globe icon. In the Settings Menu, you can find option ‘Hindi Keyboard’ and you need to activate it.

Facebook Brings New Hindi Transliteration Feature

  • Once the option gets activated, you need to click on the keyboard icon which is on the left-top on the keyboard. You will then get a Hindi keyboard.
  • You do not have to type in Hindi as it is a Transliteration feature. All you need to do is simply type Hindi in English and Facebook will judge the keyword and make appropriate changes. Above the keyboard you can see there will be some suggestions provided by Facebook from which you can choose your word.

How to Auto-Type in Hindi on Facebook Android App

  • If you are not actually pleased with the new Hindi transliteration that Facebook app is doing you can directly type in Devanagari script as well.
  • In the below image, you can find a chart that gives you a mapping of English to Hindi letters. Just give it a try and experience the usage of typing in Hindi on Facebook.

Facebook's New Hindi Transliteration Feature for Android Users

  • When the app setting is turned ON, a button is added to the typing bar which automatically transliterates Roman characters to Hindi script.

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This new Hindi Transliteration feature is available to people in India on the latest version of Facebook for Android app. Facebook claims that there were two major reasons for rolling out the new Hindi transliteration feature. The first and foremost reason is that most smartphones do not come with multilingual input feature.

The other reason is that while users can download third-party Hindi keyboards for their Android smartphones, they would have to turn to the keyboard ahead typing in Facebook, making it quite arduous. However, the new feature is beneficial for those that aren’t cozy typing in Hindi. Hope you like the new Transliteration feature on Facebook!

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