Free Download Clash of Clan for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac


Download Clash of Clan for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac is a free strategy game that has become a hit downloads since its launch. Although it is a game that was originally released for phones, here’s how you can install Clash of Clans PC free.


In this funny multiplayer game , your goal is to expand your village all you can, as you’re doing your army increasingly powerful. This is necessary because you have to fight other people around the world, attacking and defending your village. Moreover, one of its strengths is that can form alliances , also known as clans, which can pool resources and forces to defeat rival groups.

Free Download Clash of Clan for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac

As you’ll be able to imagine it is one of the strategy games more fun we can find right now. As I have advanced, this game is only for Android phones (venting their APK ) and smarthpones iPhone. In that case, how can you play it on your PC ? Well do not worry, because by following these simple steps you can have it on your computer.


Free Download Clash of Clan for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac With Bluestacks

First of all, you will want to download this awesome program called Bluestacks.

Step Number 1
Download the Mac or Personal Computer one, depending on what you have.
Step Number 2
Make sure you follow the steps or instructions and install Bluestacks.
Step Number 3
Install Clash of Clans by searching it in the Google Playstore.

What we will do is use the version of Android game on your computer , so you will need to download an application that allows us to use Android apps and games on the PC . For this, there are several tools, among which Bluestacks or YouWave . We recommend you Bluestacks as it will serve you for both Windows and Mac computers, but you can use any other trouble.

Once we have downloaded, we will install it like any other application on your PC. The next step will be run by double clicking on the program icon. We’ll have to have a gmail account to use the app, so we can add our own or create us a new one. We’ll have to go to the search tool , where we can find the game in question, writing the name of the game. The application will look and once found, we have to choose to install the game.

With these simple steps and we can start playing this fun game from the comfort of your PC. We hope this article has been useful. Remember to share on social networks so that more people know how to download and install on their PCs.