Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231: Root and TWRP with Android 4.4.2


Own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 either alone WiFi or 3G with firmware of an operator, which comes with the famous bloatware, which are applications and operator services where you bought the tablet and that maybe those are not going to use, consuming resources that you’d like to remove ?, then I have good news, this time we present a tutorial so you can install a firmware or retail stock Android 4.4.2 on your Galaxy Tab 4 with Root Access and TWRP as recovery customized.


As always, this is a procedure that may void the warranty of your device, but it can be recovered by a backup of the original firmware, plus you can choose whether to use the same firmware of your device and just rooting and installing TWRP to freeze Apps Carrier cell phone, or install a new firmware and rootearlo to install TWRP.

Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231: Root and TWRP with Android 4.4.2

This tutorial is tested and embodied in a Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231 comes with support for 3G data network through a microSIM, where you can make and receive phone calls and sms, but works with all models of the Galaxy Tab 4 .

Very Important:

To keep the warranty, if or whether you should make a nandroid or full backing of firmare your carrier you’re using, for that you must have root and custom recovery access, which can be restored in case you need to use the warranty of your device.

And to avoid any problems with the data network, the next step is to do a full backup of the EFS folder with a file browser that can have superuser permissions to navigate to the main route of files and make backups.

With these two backups (nandroid original firmware and EFS folder), you can rest assured that you can recover from any brickeo or problem with the data network.

The first thing we’ll do is have root access on the Galaxy Tab 4 :

The Galaxy Tab 4, and comes with Android 4.4.2 factory, and roortearla will use the Root Kingo program.

Download and install the latest version from its official website | Kingo Root Android .

You must have installed the usb drivers if you already have Samsung Kies should not do anything.


  1. 1. Enable USB debugging on your tablet, for this must go to Settings – General Tab – About Device and press 7 times in a row on the option Build number to enable developer mode, once activated walks adjustments – General tab – Developer Options and check the box usb debugging.
  2. 2. Run Kingo Root and Connect your tablet via USB to the computer, wait for the program to recognize your device, if not, the program itself installs the usb drivers if this is the case waits until exit notice that you must manually disconnect the USB cable from the device and wait for the program to finish installing the usb drivers and exit will notice that you must connect the device via usb again.
  3.  5. If I already acknowledged your tablet you get the notice that must have usb debugging enabled
  4. 6. You must accept the notice of connection that goes into your device with the RSA footprint of your computer.
  5. If you do not get this notice can not continue, for it goes to your tablet and from the notification bar where this notice attached as a media device (MTP) and multimedia and camera device (PTP), marks the PTP option and after few seconds redials or choose MTP with this step and you will notice Kingo allow connection between your computer and Root.


7. Once recognized the tablet appears the name of your device in the program and a yellow button with the Root Word, click on this option and wait about 5-10 minutes until the end of the process, this step tablet will reboot several times.

8. Once the process is completed Root immediately you need to give permission to the process ADB root shell that appears on your tablet to avoid problems with Root access.


That’s it, you’ve Superuser installed on your Galaxy Tab 4 .

When running Superuser the first time, you will be asked to update the binaries, go with the normal method and finally restarted.

Now we will install TWRP on your Galaxy Tab 4:

Already with Root access we will install TWRP to make a nandroid.


Download and unzip | TWRP Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231  | Odin v3.09

Put your tablet in download mode: Press both the Home button + Power + Volume Down, just see a warning notice loose buttons, then you should press the volume up (vol +) to continue in download mode.

Already in download mode, run Odin v3.09 and connects via usb tablet, expected to Odin recognizes the device and put the light blue box ID: COM, marks the AP box and locate the unzipped file TWRP here: recovery.img.tar.md5 thereupon Odin read the attached file and in the Message box of recovery have the info you’re going to install or flash.


Finally click on the Star button and wait a few seconds until Odin process and show you the notice Pass in green and completely restart the tablet, click Exit to exit Odin.


That’s it, you’ll Root with TWRP on your Galaxy Tab 4 .

Time Nandroid the original firmware, we recommend that before you make a factory reset, which can hold only the main contents of the firmware, otherwise personal data and installed apps data will be stored.

1. Reboot into Recovery Mode, press both keys Home + Power + Volume Up and vibrate loose when rebooting after this and TWRP menu appears.

Choose Backup and are marked options System, Data and Boot and slide the Swipe Back Up option, depending on the data you have is the delay in creating the backrest in the TWRP / Backup folder, and yours backup, this support on your computer and keep it in a safe place.

2. Install a file browser with root nonprivileged like Root Explorer , etc.

Navigate to the root folder of the Android system and press on the EFS folder, and options that leave you choose compressed backup to compress all the EFS folder containing the IMEI and much more, which are important for the 3G connection.

Like you did with the nandroid, copy the .zip file from the EFS folder to a safe location on your computer.

Already have Root with TWRP on your Galaxy Tab 4  with the respective nandroid, now you must decide whether to install a retail firmware that has the interface of your operator or freeze my system to improve.

If you decide to install a retail firmware Android 4.4.2 KitKat please go to SamMobile / Firmware , be registered and find a firmware for the model of your Galaxy Tab 4, this case SM-T231 , and choose one of the last in line to the region where you live, especially that no name of any operator, in this case as there is no firmware to retail for Ecuador, chose the retail firmware of Chile whose data are:

  • Model: SM-T231
  • Country: Chile
  • Date: August 2014
  • Version: 4.4.2 Android
  • PDA: T231XXU0ANF1
  • CSC: T231UUB0ANF1

To install a firmware retail follow these step:

Install Firmware retail Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T231:

VERY IMPORTANT: This new firmware does not erase any personal data or installed application, just delete the Bloatware and the interface of your operator and the Root and TWRP, if you want to start from scratch do a full wipe (data, cache and Dalvik) from the TWRP Recovery – Option Wipe – or do a factory restore from the device and installs the new firmware and re-rooting and installing TWRP.

1. Download and unzip the firmware you want from retail SamMobile.

Download Mode 2. Put your tablet.

3. Run Odin3 v3.09 and synchronizes your tablet via USB.

4. Only marks the AP field Odin and find the firmware decompressed with .md5 extension, in this case: T231XXU0ANF1_T231UUB0ANF1_T231XXU0ANE2_HOME.tar.md5 (Chilean Firmware without any operator interface)



5. Once Odin has recognized your device and firmware (in the Message field leaves you at the end <OSM> Leave CS ..), just click on Star, after about 5-10 minutes when you leave the Pass notice in Odin, smooth’ve installed the new retail firmware.


That’s it, remove the USB cable from your tablet and enjoy Android 4.4.2 KitKat on your Galaxy Tab 4 , only the interface Samsung TouchWiz Nature UX .