Get Lollipop Design For Whatsapp Modified Apk (Direct Download)


Among all services  WhatsApp Android one of the most used worldwide, so it is hardly surprising that we see all sorts of changes to this Android application that brings all sorts of new additions that will of the user experience a more than different depending on what you get to look to make the most of this instant messaging service. This time, it seems that the new amendment to this particular application is designed to give us a cosmetic change over other changes, one that will give us a new look and designed especially for fans of the User Interface Material Design , achieving the app count with a much more minimalist style that enables you to enjoy the features of Android WhatsApp more easily.




WhatsApp Android now with Material Design

What appears new to this Android application seems to be an amendment to it which gives a complete change in the GUI , one inspired by the style implemented by Google in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This modification specializes in the absence of unnecessary elements, making the graphic result one less loaded and more emphasis on the colors of the top bar and other elements in addition to the lack of boundaries between normal buttons and backgrounds making the visual result in one more integrated. We will also see changes in the source and bubbles to send messages, resulting in a brand new ultimate style in the application itself.

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The only detail to consider this new version of the application for one of the most famous courier services in Android is that the amendment is not really official, so there may be some kind of penalty by the company If make repeated use of the same, unlike what we get if you install WhatsApp Plus .Besides that it has some minor bugs still left to be solved.

At the moment this special modification to WhatsApp Android that brings Material Design is not one that can be found for download from the Google store, though well find the APK for direct download at no cost and can either be installed on a smartphone Android .

Download the APK | Android WhatsApp Material Design