Google Keyboard: How to add a dedicated numeric row


The applications that we see Google always seem to have some interesting details, and keyboard Google seems to be the highlight has been left on this occasion with some additional details related to its configuration after installation Andrid 5.0 on the Nexus , ones that seem to have been hiding up in models of smartphones or tablets with Android and well now we can use in order to take advantage of the slightly better screen with some details of modification. And as we’ve come to find in Android Central , it seems that among these new details that have been implemented since the last improvements have remained hidden some that would help us make better use of screen models that have a good amount of inches in the same, that through a simple configuration that will get us a new row to use and will use much easier and productive keyboard Google .


 How to add a dedicated numeric row

Adds a row keyboard némerica Google

So we need to first do to add a new numerical rank on our device through this Android app keyboard is entering the application settings and can see the icon if we keep down the coma. Once this is done we enter “Appearance and Profiles”, then “Custom Styles income” and from there we can add a style completely, which we choose our default language. What will change in this regard is the layout, which we will choose the PC and then save the changes you have made ​​to the next step.

The next step and the easiest is to go to the Languages ​​section where deactivate the system language to activate the new that we have created and can now activate the new style keyboard we’ve created. Doing this well we have an extra row that appear on letters, now you can access numbers directly as if it is a keyboard computer and save us considerable time having to press a button to switch between the two , even though the symbols on a keyboard remain entirely separate.

Extra google numeric keypad row

Once we have completed these steps, we can achieve enjoy a new way of using our keyboard Googlewith which we will avoid having to switch between keyboards and which is perfect for users with devices Android have a good screen size, so do not hesitate to try if you make use of the keyboard version.