How to GUIDE TO ROOT THE NEXUS 7 (2012 AND 2013)


Here we are going teach for rooting your device in the easiest way possible and in the three most used OS: Linux, Mac and Windows . Today we are going to root Nexus 7 . In my opinion this device has a quality / price unbeatable and would not trade mine for anything, so if you have got one and you want to root … go!


Requirements  TO ROOT THE NEXUS 7 (2012 AND 2013)

Rooting process is not complicated, but keep in mind a few things. This part will repeat every time you want to format a device, so you should know and memory;).

How to GUIDE TO ROOT THE NEXUS 7 (2012 AND 2013)

The items will always be common in rooteos all devices consist  of good drivers have installed the USB device and having Debugging mode (USB Debugging Mode) enabled .

Also consider that the process of unlocking the bootloader voids the warranty, but the process is reversible.

For the first part, you can easily install the drivers of your terminal with  this application  that I showed our colleagues in  the Android.

To enable debug mode  USB  should only go to the development options in the setup menu from our  Nexus 7 . If no we activate them. For that we go to Settings> About phone>  and will press several times on the option  “Build Number” . A message will tell us that we have enabled development options.

How to root the Nexus 7 (Windows)

Just as we did with the  Nexus 4  (and we will do with all devices in the range Nexus), of all the methods for root we devices Nexus is one that is certainly the simplest, and you can rooting your device few minutes. We’ll do it from the  “Nexus Root Toolkit “.



Download  and unzip on your PC. We will open it and follow the following steps:

  • If you do not have installed the  drivers  can start by clicking on the option “Full Driver Installation” . The program will guide you through the process is very simple.
  • We connect the  Nexus 7  to pc with  USB Debugging mode  enabled
  • Once we recognize the  Nexus  will click the button  Unlock . The program will take care of the whole process.
  • After that we will just click the Root button, with the option  Custom Recovery  on.

And although it seems too simple, that’s it. Consider that when you make the step UNLOCK  desbloqueareis the bootloader, and all your information will be deleted.You should make a copy of everything you want.

As if that were not enough, the  Nexus Toolkit  gives us the option to do a Backup  and completely restore it.

How to root the Nexus 7 (Mac)

As for the  Nexus 4  will use the  Mac Toolkit,  one above but designed for simple system like  Mac .

  • We will download the utility from  this link
  • Unzip the downloaded file and will press on the  Green Android
  • We will put our  Nexus 7  mode  bootloader . For this we will turn off our device and then open back while pressing  Volume Up + Volume Down + switch . The  Nexus  mode enter  bootloader .
  • The  Toolkit  we detect the device and from there we just follow the steps indicate.

 How to root the Nexus 7 (Linux)

For  Linux  a good option is to use the  Linux Nexus Toolkit . To make the process we will:

  • How to always have properly installed the USB drivers and enter debug mode.
  • Will download the toolkit from  this link  and extract the  .tgz  where we want.
  • We will open a terminal and write:

sudo bash /

Then from the program interface only have to perform the operations you want.