How To Delete WeChat Account Permanently?


The current generation has completely modernized as a tech world with the rapid growth of advanced technology. These days, people have been using smartphones instead of typical mobile phones as the latest smartphones comes with bounteous features when compared to ordinary handsets. Currently, people are exhibiting interest in using smartphones with Android and Windows running devices while some rich kids are moving towards Apple iDevices.


One of the main reasons for people driving towards smartphones is that it lets you download lots of applications at free of cost provided with massive memory for storage. There are numerous communications apps that allow you to interact with friends instantly through the instant messaging apps that include WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line, BBM and many more. WeChat is a free instant messaging and calling app that allows user to communicate with beloved ones across countries.

Unfortunately, using a lot of applications on your smartphone might ultimately slow down your device due to overload. Although you wish to use WeChat, you need to uninstall or delete your account permanently to protect your smartphone from becoming even more sluggish. Well, today your question, can I delete my wechat account? is going to be solved on this article. I am going to guide you on how to delete WeChat account on any of your device (Android, Windows, iPhone) permanently with detailed steps.

wechat account delete permanently

How to Delete WeChat Account Permanently?

Installing WeChat is a pretty much easy process rather than deleting it permanently as there is no direct way of deleting WeChat account. WeChat application doesn’t permit the users to delete/deactivate their account directly just with a single click. It takes some time as you have to get through a step-by-step procedure though which you can deactivate your WeChat account. Here are the simple steps that help you in deactivating your WeChat account forever.

4 Simple Steps to Delete WeChat Account

As there is no direct method to delete WeChat account and you don’t want to use it anymore on your device, you need to follow four simple steps. This will help you in deleting WeChat account or WeChat ID on your mobile application or website. Check out the steps!

Step 1: Clear Chat History

  • To clear chat history, firstly, you need to access your account which means you have to ‘login’ into the WeChat App.
  • Now, open the WeChat app on your device. Go to Settings >> Click the “Clear Chat History” option.
  • You need to confirm by clicking the “Clear Chat History” button that completely clears the chat history of your WeChat account.

how to delete wechat account


Step 2: Revoke Third-Party Services

  • Once you clear all the WeChat history on your WeChat application, you need to unlink the account.
  • For that you have to locate and click “My account” in Settings. Now, revoke, unlink and disconnect any third party service.
  • Make sure that you haven’t removed your verified email address from the linked WeChat account.
  • This is because WeChat support can identify your account at of time of request that you will request them regarding the account cancellation.

Direct link to delete Your WeChat Account

Step 3: Send your Email to WeChat for Account Cancellation

  • Now, you need to contact the official WeChat support team by sending your Email for account cancellation.
  • From your Email address which you’ve earlier used to register on WeChat, send all your details.
  • For your convenience, here is the complete Email format ready for you:

From: Your WeChat Email or Mobile Number



These details must be provided to the WeChat support team.

Email Subject: Account Removal Request and Personal Information Deletion

Message Body: You have to let them know that you wish to remove all your account details and mention the reasons for that if any.

  • Once you sent the email, you’ll then receive a confirmation email from the WeChat team and they will remove or cancel your account permanently from the database.

Step 4: Uninstall the App from your Device

  • If you wish to stay away from WeChat, then you can do it just by uninstalling the WeChat application on your device by moving to Settings >> Applications >> Just tap on WeChat >> Hit Uninstall.
  • This will permanently uninstall WeChat app on your device along with deletion of your WeChat history, WeChat ID and all your details from the database.

 permanently delete wechat account

Note: It is not possible to delete WeChat if it has come up pre-installed on your device. You can just disable it on your device by going to Settings >> Apps >> WeChat >> Tap Disable.

These are the simple steps that help you in deleting or deactivating your WeChat account permanently on your smartphone device. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way to delete WeChat account permanently from your smartphone.

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