How to Make Whatsapp Free For Life Time – 100% working methods/Tricks


Do you want to use your whatsapp for life time for free..? Don’t want to pay whatsapp and continue it using for your life time at free of cost..? Are you looking to skip renewal whatsapp trick and make whatsapp free for life time? All these questions will be solved in this article. Since whatsapp is the biggest messenger app, you will have many whatsapp tricks. Comparing Whatsapp vs hike, whatsapp wins, comparing to any other chatting apps whatssapp take #1 place. You can easily use it because of it user interface. These days whatsapp is included in almost every featured and smartphones that comes into the market. Whatsapp permits to use it for free for 1 year. After that you need to pay $1 or Rs.53/year, Rs.145.38/3 years and Rs.202.01/5 years. These are the charge for whatsapp based on yearly. So if you are still looking for a trick to use whatsapp free for life time without do renewal or paying them, then this article is for you.


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NOTICE: Today whatsapp announced, they made whatsapp as free messaging app for lifetime. You won’t get any notifications regarding validity. You are free to use your whatsapp for life time without any charge. Thanks to Whatsapp for this step. We love you…

NOTE: We are not encouraging to do this. We are just educating to learn how to use whatsapp for free life time.

tricks to make whatsapp free for life time best working methods


How to Make Whatsapp free for life time?

So I know you are eager to use this trick and make your whatsapp free for life time, then you need to few things before we start this procedure.

  1. Android device (you use for whatsapp)
  2. Whatsapp installed in that android device.

There are few methods included in this procedure. You can follow any of these to make your whatsapp life time free 100%.

Method 1:

If you are serious and thinking to skip whatsapp renewal amount i.e., 0.99USD or Rs. 53/year, then follow step by step given below to successfully make your whatsapp free from renewal payments.

  • Get your android device where you installed whatsapp.
  • Now open your whatsapp and go to Settings >> Account >> and choose Delete My Account.
  • Don’t be panic, you are going to delete your whatsapp account for now. So just do it.
  • When you hit on Delete my Account, whatsapp asks for your mobile number, Enter your whatsapp mobile number and Click on Delete my account button.
  • So finally you have deleted your whatsapp account, Congratulations… 🙂 Don’t worry
  • Now create new account for whatsapp messenger as you did for previous account
  • After you created new account, just check the expiry date of your newly created whatsapp account. If you want to check free trial period, just migrate to Settings >> Account >> Payment Info in your whatsapp messenger.Boom..! You should see that the trail period is increased. Right..? This is method 1 trick to use your same whatsapp account for free through your life time period.

Method 2:

  1. Android device (As usual)
  2. Android Device linked with Gmail account + Playstore
  3. Whatsapp installed in android device.


  • After your trail period is finished, just uninstall whatsapp from your android device
  • Create new gmail account at  (
  • After you created your new gmail account, go to “Play Store
  • At top right, click on “Settings” >> Account Settings
  • Replace email id with new account you created just now.
  • Now download whatsapp again from playstore.
  • Repeat this trick every year as soon as your whatsapp account expired.

Method 3:

This time we need some apple gadgets like Iphone, Ipad.

So you need your android device, ipad or iphone and whatsapp installed on your android device.

Trick to make Whatsapp free for life time.

  • First step is to delete whatsapp from your android device.
  • Next, install whatsapp in your apple gadget, and make sure whatsapp is not installed previously on this device.
  • Now open whatsapp in iOS device and register your account with same mobile number you are using in android device. Make sure to confirm regit
  • Install whatsapp on iOS and verify it with your phone number on which you will receive the confirmation message. (The number should be the one which you will use in your android device).
  • Check whether whatsapp is working or not. You’ll receive a 10 years of free subscription.
  • Now remove whatsapp from that iPhone and install it in any device i.e. an android, blackberry or windows etc.
  • You have whatsapp lifetime subscription on your device too.

Method 1 is the best technique guys to make Whatsapp free for life time.  So if you have questions related to this tricks, you can use below comment box. Whatsapp is no doubt is best messenger app, so paying it is worth. You can just try these trick to make and use your whatsapp account 100% free for life time. Best Whatsapp tricks for 2015

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  1. Amrita Feb 2, 2015 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    I have deleted watsapp from my iPhone but now wen I am downloading it again from the AppStore it is asking for my credit card details even before the download starts. Please help.

  2. pratik Jan 21, 2016 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Its very wiered to see that whatsapp made free for lifetime.Lets see now what is plan for them to earn through them.I am sure there is something fishy

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