How to Make Your Android Phone Faster Without Rooting


Your smartphone is of no use if it hangs, and obstructs the work you’re doing. Smartphones are made up of CPUs, GPUs, Rams and batteries, that collectively make it a powerful processing and analyzing unit, but if somehow, the settings get misconfigured, or you get bugs or anything that could make your phone’s normal functioning abnormal and out of control, then you know it is a time to perform certain steps. Having a costly phone, but running slowly hurts more. If you android phone running slowly, then in this article, I would be suggesting you some ways to make your phone go faster.


how to fast my android phone speed

Updates are life savers

Sometimes, a simple update has a potential to clear all the bugs and problems on your smartphone. We all know that on android, apps are continuously running in the background and perform certain processes to keep up the normal functioning. Suppose, an app is making a problem in back processes, and that is directly affecting the phone, then you can just update that app, because developers might have fixed all the issues with the app. Same goes for the system user interface. You should keep a regular check on the android updates.

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Clean up the Home Screen

Home screen plays a vital role in phones performance. If it is full of widgets, apps shortcuts and stuff, then your phone will hang while you’re exploring the contents of the phone. But if it is kept simple, you can see drastic change in the speed of the phone.


So start by cleaning the things you hardly use, and slowly organize all the shortcuts and widgets to only handful ones, which you use on regular basis. By doing this, your home screen will look elegant and work efficiently.

Uninstall least used apps

After you bought the phone, I am sure you installed number of apps just for fun. But with time, you would find that you hardly touch these apps. Those apps are still there, even if you’re not using them, contributing to back processes and internal space. So it better to get rid of them, as it will save space and battery.

If you think you might need this app in future, but not anytime sooner, than you can simply disable the app in going to setting>apps> “app name”> Disable. It really helps in stopping all the back processes that is done by the app, also if it uses internet, you can save the data bill.

Clear the cache

It is recommended for a smartphone user to clear the app cache in order to make phone faster. Cache is basically user data saved for certain apps like Facebook and other social network apps. You should clear this cache so that your phone builds up new data, and saves processing to reallocate the previous one.

If any app lags and doesn’t load up fully, then you can simply clear the cache of the app. After doing that you would find that that app is now running good.

Factory reset

If you have done every necessary step to make the phone faster, but still it is not running as expected, you can always to the factory reset. By doing this, you’re making your phone fully blank, as it was on the time of purchase. Factory reset will remove all your user data and contacts, though contacts can be recovered by adding Google account. The option is for those who don’t have anything important in the phone.

Overclock your phone

Since we all know the word rooting. By rooting, you can gain access to developer and super user options. By rooting the phone and with the help of apps like SetCPU and android overclock, you can change your processor’s processing power.

Due to device temperature control and other safety measures, the CPU cloak speed is restricted to some limit, but if you choose to alter that, do that on your own risks because that could lead to misconfigured settings if done incorrectly.

Wipe cache partition

By going to recovery mode, you can wipe cache partition to help your phone to perform faster. This method is usually for professionals. So if you know about recovery mode and advanced options, you can perform this step.

For beginners, you have to hold the down and home key simultaneously when the phone is off in order to get to the recovery mode.

Install Custom ROM

Most of the stock ROMS are bulky and free RAM space is usually low. But if you know how to gain root access and install custom ROM by going to recovery mode, then all your problems are solved instantly. But you need to be very careful while selecting the ROM, as some ROMS may contain bugs that couldn’t be fixed.

I hope you will look forward to follow these steps to make your phone run faster than ever.

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