How to Root Android LG L50 Smartphone

Here we are sharing an excellent method for rooting LG L50 android smartphone,but this may cause lose in your official guarantee given by the company, not sure on this. The process is too easy if you get followed to the below points and steps carefully, you can easily root your LG L50 mobile without any issues after rooting.


Steps to Root LG L50 Smartphone:

how to root android LG L50

Few points and some processes have to be followed before rooting your mobile. This will provide the best performances after the rooting is done and these points are also very beneficial in many reasons. Before rooting your mobile you have to be done with the below steps, follow them carefully.

  • Rooting is done through USB debugging so to enable debugging option one have to move to settings->Developer options->Usb debugging.
  • After enabling that unknown sources also activated from Settings->Security.
  • While rooting whole information in the mobile will be ripped off so we have to backup our contacts, Apps, Messages and MMS.
  • This the important point that should be remembered, the device should have 90% charging so that there will be no problem while installing the rom process and also we should need a computer will all the set of antivirus and firewalls. All the specific drivers needed to install in the computer should be done before rooting.
  • To set the display awake for particular time change the options in the settings to one minute, goto settings->Display.
  • They are some applications have to be downloaded such as, Download Android SDK and install these are ADB,fastboot and Drivers for rooting purpose—–Download link
  • Download PurpleDrake from the below link given which it is called small script. After downloading extract it and place at the comfortable space on your computer—-Download link
  • After downloading the above applications download SuperSu an android application from the Google Play on your android Smartphone—-Download link

Steps:  How to root LG L50

Follow the below steps carefully don’t miss anyone which will make you miss the process

  • Download all the above given files in your personal computer
  • Connect your LG L50 device to the personal computer through USB in the file sharing mode.
  • Open your download section area where your downloads are shared in the system and copy the SuperSU file. After finding and copying the file paste file to the internal section memory of your LG L50.

Tip: The file should not be copied in any of the sub folders present in the internal memory

  • When you connect your android phone to the computer through USB, there you can see a option to install the ADB drivers automatically.
  • Next go to PurpleDrake folder in which it is downloaded and stored in the download section in the computer. Run the “purpledrake_windows”file,after that press enter to start the process
  • When the installation of the PurpleDrake is done there you can see a warning on your mobile, accept it and continue the program should appear by itself.
  • Then it shows the model number of your LG L50 and there you should press Enter to continue the process.
  • The phone will get reboot where you have entered to the ADB mode on your mobile.
  • Then there appears Enter button two times press on them continuously, after that process is completely done.
  • Now to complete the rooting process you have to restart the LG L50, here you can get the problem in restarting then open SuperSu which is installed on your mobile, upgrade and after that you are done with the rooting process.
  • While rooting if you have any problems please do contact us from the below comment section.

Conclusion: The above process explains how to root your LG L50 smartphone perfectly without any issues. If you have any issues during rooting or after rooting, drop a comment below. Make note that always keep a backup before you root your device.

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