How To Track Lost Android Phone Without Tracking App


Loosing mobile by our mistake or by thieves hurts more. If you are one among them, I would recommend to read this article and give a try to below mentioned methods. I am sure you gonna find your stolen/lost mobile device in easy tracking process explained here. Many users came up here asking us to give them a solution on How to Trace Stolen Mobile Present Location?. Then We just want to notice few awesome services by google and other apps that would allow you to trace them easily without any kind of complicated work. Its not about money for someone but might be there images or data save on their mobiles.


We get mini heart attacks when we misplace our phones or can’t find it in our pockets. We have a habit of checking our phones time to time, by putting hands in the pocket, but what would you do if you actually lost it? Where is my phone, find my phone, track my phone these are things that running all your mind. We all have been there, and we somehow, try to find the ways to reach our phones. If you’re using android platform, then there are oodles of apps and ways to track your smartphone without doing much. Let’s discuss them by step by step instructions. Below are the few methods for mobile finder.

how to tack or trace lost stolen android mobile phone

1. Google Device Manager

The most trusted and reliable way is given by the Google itself. We’re talking about the famous Google Device Manager. I can purely say that this is mobile tracking online system. All android phones come with this app preinstalled, in the system. You need to open the web client in order to find your phone’s last location. For that, you need to have the Gmail account logged in the web client. The email should be same as you had in the phone. The web client will tell you the location on the Google map. Along with the location, you can also wipe your phone’s memory remotely without doing much. You can ring the alarm, in case you have lost it in silent mode in the home or nearby places order to avoid using you phone, you can remotely lock the device also. By following these simple steps, you can find your phone.

  1. First you have to search for Android device manager on the Google, and then following window will display for logging your Gmail account.
  2. After logging your Gmail id, a web client will open, having your device on the location of the map. If you have multiple devices, you can click on the edit button on the right hand side n the name as shown in the picture. By clicking the buttons, you can do respectively functions written on them.
  3. Apart from these features, you can also change the lock password or pattern from there only.

Android device manager is quite accurate and have negligible error. We have tried it and found that the accuracy is upto 60 feet of the position. But don’t ever keep your Gmail account open on public computers, as someone may use it for any other malicious purpose.

2. Find my Android Phone App

Unlike Google device manager, you need an android smartphone in order to find your phone. The app works efficiently and is free on Google play store. The app is produced by Family Safety productions and has superior tracker technology. The eye catching feature is that you can keep a check on mobile phones that are connected to the softwares, for example, in case of family members; you can simply connect them to the app and sync the information about their location in real time. The inbuilt map also helps in finding the paths and roads that could lead you to the mobile location.

We all know privacy means a lot and knowing that your precious information present in your lost phone is in wrong hands, can give you serious nightmares. To avoid that, the app has a function that could delete all your messages and user data.

The app also has website, in case you want it view in a browser with same in-built map and features. Overall, the app is one step ahead than Google device manager because it provides lots of features and the best part is, it’s free. So you could except a lot from this website if you have accidentally misplaced or lost your phone.

3. Lost Android

The application includes various features that you won’t find anywhere else. It is an amazing app to get control of your lost phone. The app gives you an ability to redirect any message received on their lost phone to their email id. You can also send SMS and reply to any important SMS right from the PC. The app is available in beta version. When it comes to wiping data, you can format SD card and internal memory. You can turn on the GPS and Wi-Fi of the phone, which could help you to find the exact location of the phone.

To notify the thief that you have got him/her, you can inform to return the phone by pop-up messages. Other important feature is you can redirect calls also to your desired number, so that, you can attend any business or important calls.

These apps are best among number of tracker applications and work beyond expectations. Google device manager is the basic way, but you could try the apps, if you want to access more features. If you did everything right and got lucky, you may end up with finding your phone.

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