Install Android 5.0 Lollipop with Root and TWRP Moto G 2nd 2014


Motorola and its Moto G 2014 are slowly growing in popularity, since he already has the great name of its predecessor which was more than a success, and Motorola greatly improved in this new version ofMoto G , but also came to give a big surprise is that Motorola was the first manufacturer to release official form the new and latest available version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and win the race in this update, leaving behind all devices that already have Google Nexus Android 5.0 Lollipop , either in the form of OTA or Image Factory.


Install Android 4.4.4 Moto G 2014

For all that Motorola continues to gain many new users, since not only offers a team of great features at a low price, but also is showing interest and support that should receive the devices in terms of fast, safe and official updates .

It is now possible to install the latest and long awaited version of Android 5.0 Lollipop in our brand new 2014 Moto G



The most important thing is that your smartphone should have the Bootloader Unlocked or Released, for this I leave the link to the official website where you can unlock the bootloader of your Moto G 2014 Unlocked Bootloader Moto G 2014  (You must have a Google Account or Motorola to make this procedure).

You can follow this tutorial to unlock the  bootloader of your Moto G 2014 , as this method is universal and compatible for all smartphones  Motorola Android .

Install Android 5.0 lollipop Moto G 2014 via OTA

For this we need first with our team completely stock (no Root, no modified recovery, with unlockbootloader message without Xposed), so if you do not have to reinstall Android 4.4.4 on your Moto G 2014 to update. | Install Android 4.4.4 Moto G 2014


Already having the above will continue.

  1. Download the OTA that corresponds to your model and your version. (version has the same name as the OTA , and appears on the phone in the section on system version)


XT1064 Blur_Version.21.11.17.titan_retuaws.retuaws.en.US. zip

  1. Copy the file to the memory of our device.
  2. Turn off your computer and enter the fastboot for this we press the button Power + Volume Down for 3 to 5 seconds and release
  3. We started in the recovery and seek apply update from sdcard
  4. We seek the OTA that we downloaded earlier and flasheamos.
  5. We hope to complete and you can restart automatically after this wait a few seconds or minutes until everything is installed and ready

How to make Root and install TWRP in Moto G 2014

  • First of all we have the drivers installed Moto G 2014 and the bootloader unlocked.
  • Download the file to make root | XT1063 (titan_retuglb) Download |   XT1068 (titan_retaildsds)   Download | XT1068 (titan_retde)    Download
  • Will turn off your device and enter to fastboot mode pressed this button Power + Volume Down for 3 to 5 seconds and release
  • Connect the device to the pc
  • Now open the file called root-windows.bat , hope to complete and ready
  • You can check if you have installed SuperSU

And with that we will be Root and have a custom recovery in our Moto G 2014


Install Modem / radio UnitedStates-AmericaMovil-Mexico-Latin America

If you come to install any of the roms and you are left without sign l, follow these steps.

1. download the following file. Modem | Modem Moto G 2014

2.-off your Moto G and enter into fastboot mode press the volume key down + Power for 3 seconds and loose, then exit the menu  mode FastBoot your Moto G 2014

3. unzip the previous file and connect your phone, after giving double click on the file name Modem.bat
4. Modem with this, then reboot your device and go, and can even have signal was installed.