iPhone 6: Hidden Tips and Tricks with Difference Between iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 6


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. And iphone 6 is one of the best development featuring from existing iphone 5 with tremendous and absolute technology of ios 8. There are many apps that we generally use in iphone but the hidden tricks make us well familiar with the technology. Following are the few hidden tricks in iphone 6.


iphone 6 hidden tricks

Before we get into to seeing iphone 6 hidden tricks and tips, Firstly I would like to list out few differences between iphone 5s and the new iphone 6 including questions like how long is iphone 6, price and other details.

  • Price: Since the launch of iphone 6 the price of iphone5 got little variation. After the launch of iphone6, the price of iphone 5 dropped from £549 to £459 in UK. This clearly tells that iphone 6 had shown major variation on the price drop.
  • Size: When you see these models side by side, the first thing you notice is about size. Apple made everyone get surprised to see these devices with bigger screen. Iphone 5s is thin at 7.6 mm and changes made to iphone 6 made it more thinner to settle for 6.9 mm with feels really great in hand.
  • Battery Life: Since the screen is large when compared to iphone 5, users might have thought, battery draining is so quick. Unexpectedly apple stated that, the talk time is set upto 14 hours. Which has improved from 10 hours to 14 hours for the iPhone 6. Even internet usage also increased from 8 hours to 10 hours which is really good news for iphone 6 lovers.
  • Camera:  As per expert view iphone 6 camera does its jobs awesome taking very high quality images with bright colors. Though both iphone 5s and iphone 6 have an 8MP rear camera with aperture f/2.2, 1.5 micron pixels. Apple has improved front facing camera with extra quick auto focus. This camera has an aperture f/2.2 similar to rear camera. Apple clearly stated that, iphone 6 camera does also well in low light when compared to iphone 5 camera. Brust mode with face detection also included in this camera difference.
  • Software: Iphone 6 and Iphone 5 runs on iOS8. But in iPhone 6, apple has introduced new feature named ‘Reachability‘. If your hand is small then this feature is for you. As iPhone 6 is larger than iPhone 5, few users might be facing issues with to reach other end of the screen. So Reachability feature helps to reach other end by tapping twice on Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This will bring up the entire screen to a Reachability area when you can further select the required area.

So these are few difference between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 including screen size,battery,camera. The below are the hidden tricks and tips in iPhone 6. Secret tricks in iPhone 6 found over internet are shared here.


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In this application the general and traditional method is to take the snap shots and save up the edited ones but in iphone 6 there are options like time lapse through which we can actually set a time limit to take the snap shots of the moving object so as to choose the best out of them and when we focus the object we can also set its exposure by just sliding the exposure level up and down


The uniqueness flavour is seen in the privacy of photos . generally we can hide the photos by downloading a new app locking system for hiding them but the new feature is that we can hide the photos then and there in the album


We can have direct control of the phone by just a tap of setting in the latest version


Interface is the most vital catchy thing for a user to be able to use the gadget .In the new version with a option called “gray scale” we can totally change the phone to black and white version and the user of classy style will fall in love with the interface


Good weather conditions are the good sign of healthy day. We generally have the forecast of weather for up to 2 days but where as in the latest version we get weather report upto 9 days which helps us to assess about the work that is to be done in advance


Security is the most bothering reason now a days. So if we are in a situation that our phone is out of battery and if we feel unsafe at the same time then we can send the last location of the phone to the person which enables your dear one’s to access your last location in case of emergencies


The most vital app which we use in our day to day life for communication purpose is messaging. We usually can send photos by selecting the one’s in the album but where as in the latest version we can directly swipe down to get the latest snap shots by just swiping the photos from left to right. Along with these we have long save and to save message options


Now in the latest version we can delete the whole album directly which was previously not possible in the earlier versions


The most impressive part till date in apple systems creations is siri, it has its own importance and its own way of work and in the latest version if you just say hey siri ! rest of your work is done 16 more dialects are added to the new version along with the existing languages. We can now even download the apps through this latest voice feature. Siri also takes us now to home page and catches the voice message and selects appropriate button according to our requirement.


The more access the mobile the more we are in accordance with the ease of using it. The simple and easy swipe down option is the best feature in accessing the new version. Along with this credit card information can also be saved with highest privacy options.

Conclusion: Iphone 6 is far better than iPhone 5s. Hope these iPhone 6 hidden tricks and secrets with new features helped you. If I have missed any hidden trick on iPhone 6, I would be happy if you could share it below in comments. So hope this article made on Difference between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 with secrets features helped you. Also check, best screen recording apps for iPhone (iOS) Apple Users

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