L- Call Notification for Android Lollipop style


Android 5.0 Lollipop is the latest version of Android available and is the most anticipated release, not only because it is the “new” but by the number of changes including, this time Google was devoted 100% to create a version entirely new since user interface, applications and have even changed the whole system, with new options and run differently from the one we knew code, several details that highlight the Android Lollipop and one of them are the Notifications that have stopped be just a message in the status bar to be a floating box on the screen.




L- Call is an application for Android with which we can take Lollipop Android notifications for callsĀ incoming to our device, so, call us now will not appear on the full screen as before and just need to download this app from your device through the store of Android Apps .

As you know from the first version of Android always we received a call is displayed in full screen, making any activity we were doing to stay in the background and so we had the call in the foreground to say yes or no answer, all this has changed Lollipop because now we a floating advantage appears with which we can decide whether or not to answer.

That helps a lot when playing and watching movies, pictures or even just using the device for writing a message or reading any content, because no longer stay this behind or us out of the application, only one window appears with the information call

With Call L- we can have this option although we have the latest version of Android , but that if we need to have at least Android 4.0 onwards to use this application. and still in testing this application so it may not work on our device.

Currently they have reported that it works on the following devices:

– Nexus series (stock ROM)

– Galaxy series (stock ROM)

– Sony stock ROM

– HTC One

– Micromax A116 [4.4.2]

– S3 Mini 8190L With Maclaw’s CM11

– LG Optimus L5 e610


L-Call build v.155 LollipopCall_v155.apk
L-Call build v.145 LollipopCall_v145.apk
L-Call build v.142 LollipopCall_142xda.apk
L-Call build v.140 LollipopCall_140xda.apk
L-Call 1.0 LollipopCall.apk

Cost download from Google Play Store | L- Call for Android .

Download free from XDA Developers | Call L- Android .