Media Downloader,How To Download Any File on iPhone | Cydia

Media Downloader is a Cydia tweak that will allow you to download files directly to our iOS device.
The tweak is installed as a separate app is available for free in Cydia.


Download files from Safari on your iPhone with Media Downloader

While it is true that Safari is a powerful web browser for mobile operating system Apple , iOS still lacks some essential features that can be found in other third party web browsers. It is for this reason that today there are many users who have chosen to install another web browser on your device to enjoy more features that Safari does not offer. But if you are one of those users that, despite these shortcomings, refuses to leave the Safari web browser, today we bring you a very effective solution.
To correct this problem,   today we present Media Downloader , a new available in Cydiathat brings a number of new features to enhance the web browsing experience. Want to know what it’s for and how it works? Continuing with us what you have.

How it works media Downloader To Download Any File on iPhone | Cydia

Instead of using the integration of the new features in Safari, Media Downloader works as an independent web browser application as well as other third party applications available on the App Store. With Media Downloader, you can easily download files, photos, videos, web pages, etc directly from our internet jailbroken iOS device and open files from a different application, share via email or compress it into a zip file.


One of the biggest advantages is that Media Downloader you can download web pages and offline viewing . The tweak also allows users to import photos and videos downloaded directly into the camera reel. For example, you can download videos directly from YouTube and import them directly to the spool of the camera, and extract only the audio from

Other features offered by Media Downloader is the ability to select the default search engine, disable ads, and share downloaded files with other users of iPhone over Wi-Fi using FTP or HTTP files. This will only need to ask the other person’s IP address provided in Safari to start sharing files.

The developer has also released a live update yesterday that fixes a problem where the application is constantly blocked at startup. So if you decide to make use of this wonderful tweak sure to install the latest version (currently 1.1). This fabulous tweak works perfectly and has many great features, however, the only feature it misses is to see a list of previously visited pages (history).

Best of all, you can install Media Downloader free from Cydia via ModMyi repo and is compatible with iOS 7 .’s no excuse not to try!
What do you aprece Media Downloader? Have you had a chance to try? Tell us your