Nexus 4: How to enable 4G LTE Android Red Lollipop


One of the most successful Android devices that have existed is the Google Nexus 4, a computer manufactured by LG and had great features for its time, in fact it is still considered one of the best teams and still gets lots of updates, there has lost not one, because as we also already received the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop . This team when it was made ​​had included 4G LTE technology but never received regulatory approval for use in the device so that LG had to put his hand and change the device.


Enable 4G LTE on your Nexus 4


But there was amended Hardware level as it was already on sale and LTE connectivity quickly became a problem and the Mountain View giantdecided to disable it via radio updates from Android 4.2.1 . But as many had already used 4G LTE connectivity were affected and began development.

Because there is large number of users engaged in programming Android from applications to create roms, we get great new features, such as one named user of XDA Developers that meet his team lost the LTE network decided to get down to the work and solve problems.


With all this created a Modem Hybrid as they call it incorporates the original modem and a few changes to what have again managed to 4G LTE . Now you can recover maximum speed connectivity on yourNexus 4 .

Best of all is that this version of the Modem is not limited to versions of Jelly Bean or Kitkat because the developer has managed to successfully port it to Android 5.0 Lollipop.


– Have your Nexus 4 with bootloader unlocked | Google Nexus Android 5.0 installed with root Lollipop

– Have your Nexus 4 with Modified Recovery (now the custom recovery only came up to 4.4.4) | Google Nexus install Android 4.4.4 KitKat

– Install the  Android SDK  that has the last  adb  Updated |  Android SDK  (not required)

– You can only have the adb with the files necessary to install an image of manufactures, download | Tools ADB .

– You must have device drivers installed |  Google USB Driver

As Enable 4G LTE Nexus 4

We must first download the file |

Then we have two options

  1. Recovery .
  • if you have your Nexus 4 with custom recovery you can move the previous file to memory, enter the recovery and flash the file, then just restart your computer and go.
  1. Via Fastboot
  • Download the above file and unzip
  • Now copy the downloaded file folder ADB (prerequisites)
  • Press Shift + Click right button and choose Open command window here, and you must write:

fastboot flash modem modem.img

  • Now just restart your device and go

With these simple steps, you can reactivate the network of high-speed 4G LTE on your Nexus 4