Nexus 4,5,7,10: How to install CM11 M1 Based on Android 4.4 KitKat


Finally after a long wait, the development team CyanogenMod announces official support and availability of CM11 M1 for all Google Nexus , including the Galaxy Nexus which was left without official support from Google to install the latest version of Android .

CM11 M1 or Milestone 1 is one of the Android Roms that are based on Android 4.4 KitKat , but Google already release the first update to Android 4.4.1 for Nexus , it is expected that soonCyanogenMod 11 also update and has support forAndroid 4.4.1 .
Nexus 4,5,7,10: How to install CM11 M1 Based on Android 4.4 KitKat

As CM11 install on your Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10:


  • Your Nexus should have released the Bootloader with the latest version of CWM or TWRP Recovery and  root access.
  • No matter if you already have CM10.2 or Android 4.4 or Android 4.4.1 Stock , the important thing is to have Root plus a Custom Recovery.
  • If you have CM10.2 you must make a full wipe before installing CM11 with Gapps .
  • If you have a different Android ROM CyanogenMod , we recommend installing the image of factoryAndroid 4.4 or Android 4.4.1 to avoid problems.
  • Install the  Android SDK  that has the last  adb  Updated |  Android SDK  (not required)
  • If you only want to have the adb with the files necessary to install an image of manufactures, download |  Tools ADB .
  • Make sure you have at least 50% battery so that the process is not interrupted.
  • | You must have device drivers installed  Google USB Driver
  • Have enabled  USB debugging

CM11 download and Gapps for your Nexus:

Nexus 5 | CM11 Hammerhead


Nexus 4 | CM11 Mako

Nexus WiFi July 2012 | CM11 Grouper

Nexus July 2012 3G + Wifi |  CM11 Tilapia

Nexus 10 | CM11 Manta

Nexus WiFi July 2013 | CM11 Flo

Nexus July 2013 3G / 4G + WiFi | CM11 Deb

Gapps for all Nexus | Gapps CM11 Paranoid  | (You Recommended) official website |  Cyanogenmod Gapps .


Download and copy the .zip file without decompressing the rom and gapps to the internal memory of your device

Reboot into Fastboot Mode: Turn your Nexus and simultaneously press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power to enter bootloader mode.

When you see the fastboot menu, navigate using the volume keys to access the custom recovery (CWM / TWRP) you have on your device and press the Power button.

With CWM Recovery:

1. Select “Recovery”

2. Choose “Custom Recovery”

3. Select Wipe Data / Factory reset and click on Yes – delete all user data to perform the wipe, returns to the previous menu by Go Back.

4. Select Wipe Cache partition and click yes.

5. Select “Advanced”

6. Wipe Dalvik Cache Select and click yes.

7-zip from sdcard Choose Install.

8. Select choose zip from sdcard.

9. Choose the rom CM11 you download and flash the file.

Return to main menu:

10.-Select choose zip from sdcard.

11. Choose the Gapps you downloaded and install them in the same way you did with the rom without wipes.

Return to main menu by **** **** Go Back and select Reboot system now.

With TWRP Recovery:

Already in the TWRP Recovery Wipe choose and do a full wipe (data, cache, dalvik), then returns to the main menu and choose Install, and searches for .zip files rom and gapps, first install or flashes the rom and immediately gapps finally reboot your device.

To update your Nexus CM11 , you can do it from your / s own smartphones or tablets Android , you must go to Settings – About Device – Updates CyanogenMod Nightly and download the new stable release or to automatically install.

That’s all, any questions in the comments.