Passdial calls through a special unlock code #Cydia

Hi guys! Today I will show you a Cydia Tweak with which we can make calls without having to unlock the phone, through the screen to put our code. It’s called Passdial and can find it in Cydia.


How does Passdial calls through a special unlock code #Cydia  it work?

To configure Passdial must follow a simple process: just go to Settings> Passdial, we will find it next to our other tweaks.

Once inside, we have three spaces to write a phone number and the appropriate security code. The code can be whatever we want, but we have to keep in mind that if our device we use a simple code , this code must have four numbers, otherwise it will not work. The simple code is the four digit default iOS, however we can use a complex code of letters and numbers of indefinite length.

The code also must be different from our unlock code, because otherwise it will not work and the device is unlocked. Once done, if you write the code number assigned to you want on the lock screen, your iPhone will call the number without having to unlock it. Simple, right?

It is especially useful for numbers to call with assiduous as we save you time. The truth, as essential to my iPhone. There is a Pro version costs 2.00 USD which allows up to ten numbers, and is compatible with Facetime, commands and gestures activator, assigning codes. Coming soon will the Pro version with unlimited numbers. Hope you find it useful;-)