Root Moto G: As Rooting and Unlocking the Bootloader to install Roms


As expected, before it gets into the hands of the users who will buy the new smartphone from Google, the Motorola Moto G , there are several methods to Root access and release the bootloader , the main step to Rooting the Moto G .

The first method for Rooting the Moto G we come from MoDaCo , who through the tool  Superboot , which is an image that will allow us to install the application SuperSU and the necessary binaries to access as root.

Remember, to install a retail firmware is not necessary to take root, but in some cases like the Galaxy Tab 2 , whether or must have root to customize, freeze and remove the bloatware apps for your smartphone.

Rooting and Unlocking the Bootloader to install Roms


Your device must have the bootloader released , this process will do a full wipe and erase all data you have on your smartphone.

Tutorial: Unlock Bootloader Moto G:

It is the same procedure that was used in all Motorola Droids and can make root, install roms, mods, etc, should be aware that this will void the warranty of your smartphone.


Drives Moto G | Download the Moto G Drives


ADB ToolsAndroid-win-tools.rar  (Unzip and copy the files adb.exe, fastboot.exe, AdbWinUsbApi.dll and AdbWinApi.dll on the desktop directory on your PC)

1. You must have an account with Motorola (MotoCast ID) |  Motorola Bootloader .

2- Start mode FastBoot off your cell and then  pressed for 3 seconds the power button + volume down button. Connect your Moto G in Fastboot mode and verify that your PC has detected your Mobile Fastboot mode

3- Go to the Tools folder ADB downloaded and press the SHIFT key on your keyboard + Right Click your mouse and leaves the options you choose “Open Command Window Here”.

And type the command: fastboot oem get_unlock_data

4-As a result you will have 5 lines with your smartphone ID copy one to one with no spaces in a blog note, remember that only the letters and numbers no <bootloader> are copied

This code you copied it should paste in the part where it says: Can be unlocked my device?

5-Then press or click Can my device unlocked? accept the terms of release and get the bootloader unlock code which will be sent to your email.

6-Then return to the CMD window and now type the command: fastboot oem unlock accompanied unlock code for example: fastboot oem unlock JK5A5599TV1 click enter and will be released bootloader of your  Moto G.

Video Tutorial Unlock Bootloader Moto G:

Root Tutorial Moto G with Superboot:

Download | Superboot Moto G .

1. Unzip the file

2. Put your Moto G Fasboot mode : Turn it off and press the power switch or the volume down button button.

Windows: Double click on the “Superboot-windows.bat” file

Mac: Open a terminal window to the folder where you have the files, and type “chmod + x ‘followed by’ ./”

Linux: In the folder where you unzipped the files open the terminal and type “chmod + x ‘followed by’ ./”

Official thread | Superboot Moto G .

That’s it, you’ve released your bootloader and rooted Moto G .

We will update this note with all methods for rooting your Moto G .