Safari Enhancer, vitamin native functions #Cydia Safari for iOS

Safari is a powerful browser that comes bundled natively on Apple computers and devices. In the case of iOS, in its seventh version (iOS 7), is still somewhat limited for some users who use it daily, including myself included. 
As always, thanks to Cydia and excellent thinking brains and creators Tweaks called developers We can supply what is lacking everything that Apple does not natively provide. On this occasion, plays increase and add features to Safari browser in iOS 7 with Tweak called “Safari Enhancer” . This tool will allow us to put the black keyboard for our searches, full screen, download sites such as PDF, remove advertising popups, improved and unlimited tabs, etc . Let’s see how it works.


Safari Enhancer How it works?

This Tweak is very simple to use, just search for it and download it for free in Cydia and do a respring if prompted our iDevice screen. After return to SpringBoard or home screen, we can go to their configurable settings entering “Settings> Safari Enhancer” , where we see the following:

As can be seen in the upper capture we can choose between:

  • Full screen
  • Black keyboard (iPhone is better in black color)
  • Block popups or access JavaScript
  • Improved tabs
  • Unlimited tabs
  • Download web as PED
  • Block intelligent banners
  • Watching videos online
  • And much more that the developer will update

I show a real example with a few features:


The developer said Tweak, says in the description that is working to bring new features and enhancements to Safari plus a subject that can be customizable in the future. As council also tells us that if you download any website as PDF, change the extension to txt pdf to show the full content of the page.

My opinion

Tweak It is a highly recommended as it provides several free options that can be useful when navigating in iOS Safari. You can enable / disable most need at any given time 🙂

Tweak Additional Information:

Name: Safari Enhancer Price: Free Repository: BigBoss (installed by default) Compatibility: You need iOS 7.1.x