Teewe 2.0 HDMI Wireless Streaming Device Review


In the current era of advanced technological world, everything is turning digital. Electronic gadgets are playing a crucial role in everyone’s life as they are simplifying the day-to-day tasks of its users with much ease. It has become very easy to connect one device to other within a matter of seconds so as to share files like audio, video and other data. Many devices are designed for streaming such data to some other devices so that one can watch their favorite entertainment and apps right on the big screen. Media Streaming device is one such device which is very handy and simple to turn your dumb TV (LCD or LED) into an internet connected screen. Usually, media streamers enable you to watch or play online content via your smart device over the same Wi-Fi network connectivity.


teewe 2.0 full review

We don’t have a huge number of media streaming services available in India till date. This is one of the main reasons why most of the times people download and watch the content over their device itself. Google’s Chromecast is a media streaming device through which we can stream content onto the TV. But, for playing the content via Chromecast, you need to use third party apps and media servers like Plex. To overcome this issue, a Bangalore-based start-up Mango Man has designed a streaming stick called ‘Teewe’ that lets you stream your own content from your smart device or PC. You can also refer this article as Chromecast vs Teewe 2.0 hdmi streaming stick device.

Are you planning to buy a streaming dongle for your TV to stream media from your smartphone or Laptop to your TV? If you’ve just bought a new LCD/LED TV or are bushed of your obsolete cable service, you’ll indeed want to get an inexpensive dongle to enrich your experience. Here is the hands-on review of Teewe HDMI streaming device.

Teewe 2.0 HDMI Streaming Dongle

Teewe is a High Definition media streaming device, identical to Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV. Teewe 2.0 is the latest iteration which is actually second-generation hardware. The Teewe 2 is sleeker and features a relatively premium builds, engaging the use of better quality plastics. Once you connect this dongle to your TV and configure using an app/software on your smartphone, you can stream audio/videos from your devices on to your big screens.

You can use this tiny dongle for playing your desired videos in the background and stream to the TV. In brief, this device will support you use your TV as a screen to play media from your smartphone or PC. You can connect Teewe 2.0 dongle to any TV enabled with a HDMI port. This streaming device is powered using a USB, which can be connected to the USB port on your Television. Even if your TV doesn’t have a USB port, you can connect it to a power source using the USB power cable.

What Comes Packed With Teewe 2?

When you purchase a Teewe 2 HDMI Streaming device, it comes packed with following equipment that is necessary to start streaming with the dongle.

  • Teewe 2 Dongle
  • USB Cable
  • Power adapter for USB
  • HDMI Extension Cable

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Teewe 2.0 –  Teewe 2 Wireless HDMI Media Streaming Player From Amazon.in


Apps and Features of Teewe 2.0:

The Teewe 2 streaming device has bounteous apps for devices on various platforms that include Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. It also has apps for Chrome extension as well as a desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system running devices. The Teewe 2.0 HDMI streaming dongle offers amazing features that includes the following:

  • Teewe’s apps allow you configure the device like search, play videos from YouTube. You can even stream music, snapshots and videos stored on your device.
  • You will be able to control video playback on the Teewe 2 without confronting any kind of snag.
  • You can even add multimedia content like videos to your playback list from several sources and have them streamed on your device without bouncing a beat.
  • One of the best features of Teewe 2 is that it provides the ability to stream local content from your PC or smartphone even without having internet connectivity.
  • Teewe’s apps offers easy access as they come with a massive list of Hindi films and TV shows that are available for free on YouTube.
  • The desktop app contains a library for all your local content which can be accessed through your other connected devices.
  • You can connect a PC and a mobile device to the dongle concurrently and juggle amid the devices while playing content.

teewe 2 review

Ultimate Performance

The Teewe 2.0 streaming device is powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with a quad-core GPU which is coupled with a 1GB of DDR3 RAM. On the Connectivity front, the device supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connections that lets you stream online content. The dongle also comes equipped with an enhanced internal antenna for better streaming.

Personally, I have been using this Teewe 2.0 dongle for the past few weeks and so far, I have not encountered any kind of issues with the device. I have really experienced watching my utmost favorite videos on the big screen. While streaming the videos from my smartphone to my LCD TV, truly, the videos streamed absolutely in a smooth way on the TV. No lag or performance hitches while playing videos.

What’s Virtuous in Teewe?

  • Teewe offers extremely incredible features that let you stream media content on any of the devices with USB port.
  • Ability to stream media content from your smartphone even without internet connectivity.
  • Teewe has its own apps to manage and stream content along with support for several platforms.
  • Let you stream a wide variety of media types just by using a single app on each platform.
  • Teewe app clusters content from various channels like YouTube and other Indian TV shows based to their seasons.
  • Teewe is available at an affordable price range.

Areas to Be Improved

As I have personally used this device, I found some hitches with this device. While using the iOS app on Teewe, it has streamed only limited media content like web video and local photos.

  • I have noticed a time lag while browsing photos on the phone. It takes 3 to 4 seconds to display the photo on the screen of TV.
  • Mirroring option is available only on the PCs and not on smartphones and tablets.
  • When the device is powered ON, it takes pretty much time to boot up the device.


The retail price of Teewe 2 is Rs. 2,399 which is Rs. 600 (approximately $10) cheaper than Google’s streaming stick. The device is exclusively available on the E-commerce portal, Amazon India at a discounted price. You can find links at bottom of this article if you are interested to purchase.

Bottom Line

Keeping aside the minor grumbles, the Teewe 2 is an amazing streaming device that makes it easy to enjoy local and Web content from your desktop and mobile devices. To wrap up this review, Teewe is truly an exceptional streaming device that works with its own bundled software for content streaming. If you’re looking to buy a first ever HDMI dongle at an inexpensive price range, Teewe 2 is the best choice for hassle-free playback.

Teewe 2.0  – BUY NOW From FLIPKART

Teewe 2.0 –  Teewe 2 Wireless HDMI Media Streaming Player From Amazon.in


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