How to Use Single/First Name on Facebook 2016 (Hide Last Name – Working Trick)


Today we gonna reveal facebook trick to use single name or first name in facebook profile. This is 100% working trick to hide your last name in facebook 2016. Before we get into this make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed in your PC. Before we start getting into the process, let me tell you that, in INDONESIA, they are allowed to create only single name account in facebook. Indonesians mostly have single name i.e.., first name. So this is why you can use only first name in your fb account.So the trick to change your facebook name to single name is to become Indonesians. Yes, but don’t worry, I am not asking you to leave to Indonesia from your own country. We just need to follow below steps sitting your place to change your fb name and hide last name.


facebook single name trick (hide last name)

Steps to make or use facebook single name account by hiding last name:

Here I am using Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Go to your “General Account Settings“.
  2. Under language settings change language to “Bahasa Indonesia”

Now you need to find proxy for Indonesia country,  for that if you have Indonesia proxy you can use that now. Else check the given links, Go to any of below links

Link 1:

Link 2:

Open any of the above mentioned links and make select country: “Indonesia”, choose port= “8080” and click on “update results”. Now you will fresh list of proxies updated. The listed proxies are from Indonesia. So we are gonna take these proxies and use them to pretend like, we are from Indonesia.


So just copy the proxy address with port 8080. Here I would like to use an example proxy ( You can try this proxy but this may work or may not. So try to use any updated proxy from the search list you got. To get the updated proxy, just see the updated time, you will notice whether the proxy is new or old. Before you start this process, this may or may not work for taken proxy just you can try with other proxies if you fail with the you are using.

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Change Proxy Settings in Mozilla Firefox

Now you are gonna update, your browser proxy to Indonesian ip. In order to do this go to Tools >> Options > Advanced > Network > Settings. And choose Manual Proxy Configuration (check below image), now paste IP address you filtered with port: 8080 Now check the box “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and click OK in settings box.


Once you are done with all the above mentioned settings, now you gonna open your facebook profile page, click on Name Settings, remove your last name and click on Save Changes.

Now check your profile page, hope your Facebook account using your first name without last name . After confirming this you can change your facebook language settings to English from “Bahasa Indonesia. And also change your Mozilla Firefox proxy settings back to “Use System Proxy Settings“.

Video Tutorial for Facebook Single/First Name Account:

Conclusion:  Now you are done with using your Facebook account with single name without last name. Since, Indonesians are officially allowed to have only first name or one word name, Facebook permits single name for them. We just tricked proxy to get that single name fb account for us. So if you have any questions related to this article, I am happy to help you. Drop a comment below…

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