Viber For Nokia Asha 200, 305, 501, 201, 205, 301, 203

The Viber For Nokia Asha 200, 305, 501, 201, 205, 301, 203 is an application that lets you make free calls to other mobile phones or computers that also have installed the calls. Additionally, he is able to send messages, photos and videos. The app is cross platform and available for Windows , Mac , Linux , Android , iOS , Windows Phone , Blackberry and Symbian . Enjoy to download Viber now and call your friends for free!Calls made by the software to any other user are done through the internet, and the sound quality is better than on a conventional bond. There is the possibility to connect to any user anywhere in the world. All features of the app are free of cost and does not require any additional purchase.


As in Whatsapp , you can tell your friends when viewing your messages. The user can create groups with up to 40 contacts, send doodles, sharing sites, or send doodles to paint on photos to share with your friends. In addition, messages are much more fun with emoticons adhesives.

No charge

Once you and your contacts install the application, you can use it to speak and write as you want. Just make sure that all your friends have the service in the cell. To use it, you need only a 3G connection or Wi-Fi. Internet See how to use Viber on the phone and know the main functions of the app.

No matter where you or your friends are, be it on the same network or in a totally different country. Even if the person missed the call because his cell phone was switched off or out of service, the application will notify you about the missed calls. Check out how to make calls to landline by Viber Out in the tutorial prepared by TechTudo.

Viber For Nokia Asha 200, 305, 501, 201, 205, 301, 203

No registration or password

The service uses your phone number as your “identity” and lets you make free phone calls to any of your friends. Just that they have the app installed on your smartphone or computer. Learn how to use Viber on your computer ; understand the rival Skype and WhatsApp .

For this, it automatically highlights friends in your address book that also have. That way, you know who you can call for free. No need to add contacts, unlike applications like Skype , Windows Live Messenger or Fring . The program behaves just like a phone.

Viber for Nokia Asha 501, 305, 306, 308, 303, 310 :
Viber for Nokia Asha 311 :
Download Viber For Nokia Asha 200, 305, 501, 201, 205, 301, 203
Viber doesn’t officially support Nokia Asha 311 but still you can install and use it on your smartphone by downloading the below file and transferring it to your smartphone.

Supported Nokia Asha Smartphones Viber for Nokia Asha 501, 305, 306, 308, 303, 310, 311 – Download :

  • Viber for Nokia Asha 501
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 305
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 306
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 308
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 303
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 310
  • Viber for Nokia Asha 311

Viber is also available for PC. So please download Viber and make free calls!. Also check Download Whatsapp For PC