Whatsapp Tips and Tricks for Android and Iphone IOS ( 2016 Latest)


Since whatsapp is one of the most used chatting android app all over the world, I am here today to share few mind blowing whatsapp tricks for this year 2016. Whatsapp has many tricks hidden. But only few whatsapp users know about it. You might have heard that Facebook bought WhatsApp messenger for $19 Billion. WhatsApp is designed in such a way that, very low budget phones can have whatssapp installed in their mobile. From the OS platform Java to IOS, it is available. An estimation of WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users around the globe. The main reason for whatsapp success is, it was designed in a simple manner, delivers message faster and almost ad free. By the of this post you will learn some cool WhatsApp tips and tricks that every WhatsApp user must know. Whatsapp tricks included to hide last seen feature, trick to hide profile picture and status, disabling auto downloading images and videos received, locking whatsapp chat app with password.



1. Locking WhatsApp with Password

Locking your Whatsapp app is what these days people are looking for. Since Whatsappp is most used android chatting app for share images,videos or personal text information, everything in whatsapp is personal and need to secured. So this whatsapp trick, will lock your app preventing others reading your whatsapp messages. Since this app, doesn’t have any login details, your friends or family members can easily read your messages as well as shares them. When we tried to find best android app to block whatsapp messaging app we found plenty of applications but finally we decided that WhatsApp Lock is best app that can easily lock your whatsapp.

2. Use or Extend WhatsApp Free Trial Period:

This is what you are looking for right? Yes. We can use whatsapp for free by extending is trail period. As known, that WhatsApp is free for only 1 year and will charge after one year. So, after one year of whatsapp subscription you need to pay $1/year, $3/3 years and $4.5/5 years. With our Whatsapp trick you can use whatsapp for your life long, by extending trail period for free.


Inorder to extend your trail period in whatsapp, just go your Settings >> Account >>Delete My Account. Yes, you need to delete your whatsapp account permanently before your trail period going to expiry. When click on “Delete My Account”, you need to enter your activated whatsapp mobile number, After deleting your whatsapp account, recreate one again by using same whatsapp number you used previously. Yes, this is simple trick to use whatsapp for your life long without paying them even a single penny.After creating new account go to Settings >> Account >> Payment Info. Are you shocked..with this simple trick…? to use whatsapp even after trail period.

3. Recover deleted Messages or Conversions:

The most exited sub heading? Yes, we can recover or get back deleted conversations in whatsapp. In order to get back all your deleted chat history in WhatsApp, you need to uninstall your whatsapp. After uninstalling, just reinstall it and whatsapp will be give you a message that “Message backup found!

how to backup-deleted-messages-whatsapp

And asks you to restore it or not. If you are looking to restore your old conservation, lick on restore else click on No.

4. Stopping Auto downloading audio, images and videos:

Whatsapp Trick to stop auto downloading received images or videos files from your friends. We need to block because friend keep on sharing sometime the repeated stuff. So, blocking auto downloading in whatsapp helps to save your data usage from your service provider.

how to stop-media-auto-download-whatsapp

In order to disable auto downloading audio,images and video files, goto your Settings >> Chat Settings >> Media auto-download. Now customize settings as your wish. Better to block videos and audio on Mobile Data to save data charges.

5. Hide your WhatsApp profile picture:

As security matters everywhere, using whatsapp has been drastically increased regarding chatting. when compared to facebook. So, users are using it as free as keep their personal pics as their profile pictures. Users can easily save others profile pictures. In order to get secured in this, we can hide our whatsapp profile picture. Whatsapp has really done great job by offering us few settings regarding this. Go to Settings > Account privacy. Click on Profile Photo, select any of the option according to your needs,

  • Everyone – Your whatsapp picture can be seen everyone. No matters whether they are know or unknown people
  • My contacts – Your profile picture is visible to only your contacts
  • Nobody – Your profile picture is visible only to you.

how to hide-profile-pic-whatsapp

6. Stop WhatsApp Images, Videos appearing in Photo Album:

Preventing whatsapp received images from displaying in photo album is what this trick explains. Images and videos what you receive in your whatsapp conservations can easily be visible in your photo album along with normal images. If you feel there is nothing to be hidden displaying in photo album, then you can leave this trick. But if you feel that you have some personal images in your whatsapp conservations and want to hide them from displaying in normal photo album.


how to stop whatsapp images displaying in gallery
You can use any File Manager, but I am using ES File explorer App. Open ES File Explorer App, Go to WhatsApp folder, open WhatsApp images folder. Now you need to create a file with name “.nomedia“. To create .nomedia file, click on New button, choose File and create a file with name .nomedia
For IOS users, you can just go to Settings >> Privacy >> Photos and uncheck WhatsApp. Refer to the below image.


7. Create Fake Prank WhatsApp Conversation

Creating a whatsapp fake conservation is made easy now. Yes, the conservation seems similar to regular whatsapp conservation, and you easily make this WhatsApp prank conservation using an app named “Whatsaid“. By using this App, creating fake conversation on WhatsApp and doing prank with your friends made easy.

8. WhatsApp trick to share a file More than 16MB size:

Large files like more than 16MB could not be shared on WhatsApp by default. This feature is only needed for videos sharers. When it comes to images and audio message it may not take that much size to share. But video it takes alot for size. Inorder to send video’s of size more than 16MB, you need to compress the size of video. Among best video converter apps available in play store, using VIdeo Converter Android gave good results and we do recommend to use it for compressing your video.

Download: Video Converter Android

9. Trick to Install WhatsApp on Mobile without SIM Card:

On our journey to whatsapp tricks, we are getting this article updated regular for best whatsapp tricks. Inorder to install whatsapp on mobile without using sim card, you need to need to have devices. A mobile without sim card connected to internet using dongle or wifi and the other mobile with sim card. Now just goto playstore and download whatsapp on the mobile which no sim card. After you download it open it and enter the mobile number, which you inserted in other device. Then register with the mobile number. You will see a message with verification fails, no worries you will receive whatsapp verification code within 10 minutes. After 10 min you will get an SMS code for verification to the mobile number you entered at time of registration. Now select “Call Me to Verify Code” option and verify the code. You are done! Now you can use whatsapp without inserting SIM card in mobile /tablets.

10. Migrate WhatsApp Conversation from one Phone to other:

Gadgets lovers surely keep changing their mobiles to the latest released versions. So, some do adjust and some don’t regarding their whatsapp conversations. So if you looking to transfer or move your whatsapp chat conversations from old phone to new phone. Just before installing WhatsApp on your new phone, take a while and go to File manager > WhatsApp Folder > Databases on your old Android phone. Now copy all the backup files to your PC. Now install WhatsApp on your new Phone, place these files at the same location on new Phone and restart the Application. That’s it now you can see all your old conversations on your new phone.

11. Whatsapp Trick to hide last seen

Whatsapp trick to hide last seen is known to many senior users. Whatsapp allows to hide last seen time a bottom of each conservation. It this is really a great feature, to understand where your friend or girl friend active or not :). But this last seen feature also troubles you when you want to stop conversation with your friends or family members. Enabling last seen in you settings will not make you to hide your self. So inorder to hide last seen message in whatsapp, you can easily do it by going to your Settings >> Privacy and customize Last Seen option as per your requirements.

12. Download WhatsApp for PC / Laptop:

Downloading and installing whatsapp for your pc can be done by using third party softwares. If you still don’t know that you can install and use whatsapp in your pc/computer, then I do recommend to read this article : Download WhatsApp for PC for better understanding.

13. Create quick chat shortcut icon in whatsapp

You can easily create your required whatsapp chat conversation as shortcut on home screen. This feature will help us to access quick chat history as well as easy to chat with most loved friends quickly. In case of iphone/ios you need to install a third party app named “1TapWA” to create shortcut to your favorite whatsapp contact.

14. Know your WhatsApp Statics:

Want to know how much time you spend daily on WhatsApp? You can get the information about sent messages, received messages, media bytes sent/received by going to Settings > Account > Network Usage. If you are not satisfied with this statistics then you must download WATSTAT App, this App will give the information regarding total time spent, message distribution, active timings and much more about your WhatsApp usage on colorful graphs.

15. WhatsApp Bluetick to hide

A recent update in whatsapp, has a blue tick mark. You see only blue tick mark when the user reads your message. To hide this blue tick mark in whatsapp you need have android 2.1 or higher version. Before you prolong to this trick, I do recommend to update your whatsapp for latest version from your playstore. Now go to Settings > Account > Privacy. Under the Privacy tab, just uncheck the Read Receipts option. This is whatsapp blue tick hide trick.

16. Hide your Whatsapp Number in Whatsapp Groups

You might be joining many whatsapp groups and trying to chat with new friends such stuff. So, you want to hide your whatsapp mobile number from others in your whatsapp groups. I am here to share this awesome whatsapp group trick for you.
1. Firstly, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
2. After installing, during verification, put your mobile in flight mode or you can also change message to the center number.
3. Now choose ‘Verify through sms‘ and enter your email, Click on send. Click on Cancel as soon as you hit on verify. So doing this will terminate your authorization process.
4. Now download Spoof Text message, to spoof that message.
5. After downloading Spoof Text message, install it.
6. Go to Outbox > Copy the message details of Spoof App > send it to Spoofed Verification
6. You can use any details but I do recommend to use the below mentioned
To: +447900347295
From: +(your Country code)( your mobile number)
Message: Type your email ID
A text message will be sent through that spoofed number. Now that spoofed number is visible to whatsapp groups members instead of your original number.
So, hope you have enjoyed our new updated whatsapp tricks for android and iphone users. If you are still looking for any help let me know.  Also read which is better app comparing whatsapp vs hike.

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