Hike Vs Whatsapp – Best Messenger App Between Whatsapp and Hike?


When the generation of messaging changed to online services like way2sms, 160 and now it is on trending with famous free  chatting messenger android apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Messenger, Viber and few other. But the competition between these two apps (Whatsapp vs Hike) is still confusing users to choose best free messenger app between Hike and Whatsapp. Since whatsapp has a long history it took the best chatting android app position. But, what about competition app to whatsapp, yes it is hike now.  Hike really took whatsapp users in INDIA, by offering few best services when compared to whatsapp. So, here I am gonna give it a review on “Battle between hike vs whatsapp or whatsapp vs hike“.

hike vs whatsapp or whatapp vs hike best messenger appapp

Hike or Whatsapp best comparison

Basically, INDIAN’s are attracted to free stuff. Hike offered free recharge on inviting friends to try its app. When it comes to whatsapp it was not.

Whatsapp vs Hike -Why to choose Whatsapp

Choosing whatsapp over hike or hike over whatsapp depends on the users decision. But I do recommend whatsapp.

  • Whatsapp was senior and has been for a long time serving at their best.
  • As whatsapp is senior, each of your friends almost uses whatsapp. So it was easy to find whatsapp friends from your contact list.
  • Whatsapp is totally free for 1 year and also ads free chatting app.

But what about hike app. Is really hike better than than Whatsapp or whatsapp is better than hike.. so the below are few reasons which tells you why to for hike than whatsapp.

Whatsapp vs Hike – Why to go for Hike over Whatsapp

1. More Media Size

Whatsapp permits only 16 MB data transfer. When it comes to Hike, it allows a maximum of 100MB size per file which is great when compared to whatsapp. When it comes to images and audio file transfers, it won’t be a issue for whatsapp or hike users, but in case of sending video files, you should choose hike is best app for sharing larger data files.

2. Best in Document Support

Document sharing is important if you are student, lecture or any kind of this field. Whatsapp don’t permit to share document files like .pdf, .ppt, .docx, .xls etc… So hike permits to share document files also. If we notice that, even gmail permits only 25 MB per email transfer and this is great regarding hike app data transfer is 100 MB.


3. Referral Rewards for Making Money

Whatsapp totally failed in referral program. Because they don’t run such kind of referral bonus like offers. But hike started rewarding users with talktime by referring hike to others. Hike offers Rs. 20 per each successful referral and Rs.15 per every new user who signs up for hike. So, this boosted using hike then whatsapp. User can do mobile recharge/talktime after earnings minimum account balance of Rs.50 in hike app. It will also work for postpaid plan, as hike have an option for redemption.

Offering such referral money, is great boost what made hike to hit such great success quickly and give a competition to whatsapp.

4. Custom Chat Themes for Conversations

Customizing background themes in whatsapp as well as hike can be done easily. There are many best backgrouonds themes in whatsapp and hike but hike does offers an extra little feature like different background theme for each contact you wish. You can have  a customized theme for each conversation you wish to have.

5. Stickers and Emoticons in Plenty

Sticker and emoticons really help users to have an interesting chat especially with friends or lovers. So when compared to whatsapp, hike offers more exiting stickers very often by updating them regularly. But the fact is whatsapp started providing emoticons first using the Emoji icons. But it has remained for only few for many years.

Hike is best app with unlimited free stickers which adds more value to your conservations 🙂

6. 100 Free Messages to Non-Hike Users

Unlike others apps which sends sms to only users who installed their app, hike also send messages to non hike users. Yes, you can send upto 100 messages per month to non hike users. You can also earn around 50 free messages when you refer hike to your friends along Rs.20. This is cool right…!

7. Ads Free and FREE Lifetime Validity

Hike is absolutely free chatting app. Both hike and whatsapp are ad-free messengers.Hike don’t charge you anything even after 1st year. But whatsapp charges $0.99 or Rs.55/year after first year. You can use whatsapp for free for one year.

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8.Better Privacy

Hike and whatsapp have their own method of privacy. When installed whatsapp, it will scan your contacts and shows you, who are using whatsapp by adding them to your whatsapp contact list. So whatsapp users can easily send message to others by just adding a contact into their local phonebook.

But hike has a different privacy like facebook system. Users need to send request and accept requests. This also has a special feature to show or hide last seen to selected contacts. Whereas whatsapp has only one option to show or hide last seen.

9.Hike is more secured than whatsapp

You know whatsapp messages are stored in form of logs in your sd card. These are encrypted but can be read by extracting these conversations. When it comes to hike, hike app has an option for 128 bit SSL encryption. You can do this by going to your settings >> privacy.

Considering all the above mentioned features and comparison between hike vs whatsapp, it is clear that hike is much better than whatsapp because of its ultimate features to its users incase of security as well as making money by referring others. So I do suggest to go for hike than whatsapp. No matter whatsapp is also best choice but if you are looking for alternative to whatsapp then you should must try hike. I am eagerly looking for your comments, which app is best for you..?

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  1. suzan Sep 23, 2015 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    i realy like hike app i can say i love tht
    and i m using hike seance from 3 year

    • techrism Sep 26, 2015 at 6:19 pm - Reply

      Whatsapp is simple and many stick to it because of its simplicity. Hike is also good, but these days it expect marketing more for its stickers.

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