Whatsapp Bot: Wikipedia Searchbot By Whatsapp Released


When it comes to messaging world, the first and known word that comes out even from a children of 2nd and 3rd class is “Whatsapp”. On many recent updates, whatsapp have changed a lot on past two years. Whatsapp is known for its simplicity. In the past two years, other apps like hike,line and other are now giving tough competition to whatsapp. No matter what comes, whatsapp should #1 in android and IOS market, claiming the top most downloaded text messaging app.

whatsapp wikipedia search bot  contact number

whatsapp wikipedia search bot

When it comes to changes that took place in whatsapp, it has been done three major updates that I would like to share today. Firstly upgrading to whatsapp calls feature. This the best thing and most waited feature that everyone expected whatsapp to have in it coming updates. Still its an rumor or real about whatsapp video calling feature, but voice is excellent and had received very good response.


Secondly, upgrading to web version of whatsapp. Though very few of whatsapp users, know that whatsapp can be accessed through web application to sort out many problems. Anyhow this still kept few user unsecured with their parents, brothers or girlfriends. Any how I would thank Whatsapp for such great feature.

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Thirdly, it’s purely an unexpected way, that whatsapp really took a step advanced when compared to other apps like hike and released an internal wikipedia bot, that gonna answer or share knowledge on what you required. This is purely an knowledge gaining update. The best part is, you don’t need to update your app, just save a number and create a group to activate it.

Do the following steps to get Whatsapp bot activated

  • Firstly open your contacts>> add new contact>> and save this number as Wiki Bot (+918148911230)
  • Now goto whatsapp and click on options >> Create new group >> name it as (Whatsapp Bot)
  • Now add this number to that group and type anything with word wiki infront of it to get answer.
  • Ex: If you are looking to know about politics, then type “Wiki Politics” and press on send button.
  • See the below image on what you get reply from whatsapp bot.

Isn’t this cool feature of whatsapp? Yes it is. I do believe that you gonna this Whatsapp bot service for sure. If you do have any questions or issues in running this auto Wikipedia bot, do comment below and let me help you.

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  1. Basharath Jan 21, 2016 at 9:42 am - Reply

    That’s great. It mean we can get anything directly to our WhatsApp just with a single message.

    Thank you for sharing such a useful info.


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