Xposed LED Control: Choose color LED for your Apps


Lots of mobile devices incorporate a system of LED, with which we can know when we received a notice on our team , many of these are multi-colored LED so we could see a white for notifications, one red for low battery or other colors, some devices have the ability to show different colors for different notifications such as calls, messages or emails, but something that was not possible was to establish the color of the LED notification for each Android application .


Xposed LED Control: Choose color LED for your Apps

Xposed Xposed LED Control Module

Not surprisingly meet the amount of changes we can make to our team using Xposed Framework , now found a module called Xposed LED Control with which we can set the LED color you want to appear to the notice of each application.


Thus we can choose a green color for notifications WhatsApp, or blue for all notifications from Facebook, so aside from hearing the sound or not (if we have it in silence) we know that notice we have slope with single display LED color we set for each application.

It is clear that not because your team has a multicolor LED mean you have so you may not see any different color on the LED of your device.


To use this module you must have your rooted Android , if you have not you can go to the next tutorial |  How Rooting Any Android

You must have the latest version of Xposed Framework , if you do not have in this post you’ll find in |Xposed Framework Version Final

Steps to Install LED Control Xposed

LED Control Xposed Xposed android

1- Download the Module Control Xposed LED |  LED Control Xposed

  • Or you can download it from the option to download, there are looking Xposed LED Control within the application¬† Xposed Framework

2- Trasladas to your internal or external memory apk downloaded and install it like any normal application.

3- already done this, you have to enable the module installed to fulfill its function, for this run the appXposed Framework and then go to Modules and enable the box module you installed to be activated, reboot your device Android and now already done that, the module will operate.

4. We entered the module and start selecting the applications and choose the colors you want representing your notification LED.

I hope you like this module Xposed for Android , any questions or comments, leave it in the comments section and do not forget to share notes with friends.